What is Cuemath?

  • An after-school math program designed for students from grades LKG through 8

  • A program designed to make math-learning both comprehensive and engaging

  • Uses a blend of worksheets and technology

  • Gives children a chance to socialize over mathematics

  • Is based on a learning-by-doing methodology with continuous supervision of trained teachers

Cuemath benefits for students

Strong logical reasoning

Built through creative out-of-the-box questions

Enhanced mathematical aptitude

Developed through gamified online modules

Deep appreciation for maths

Through a holistic and enriching program

How does Cuemath work?

Active learning-by-doing

Cuemath is an engaging ‘learning-by-doing’ methodology for students with face-to-face sessions from highly-trained Cuemath teachers.

3-domain coverage

The proprietary 3-domain approach - school math, mental aptitude and creative logic. The learning activities are carefully calibrated, sequenced and formulated into engaging practice exercises.

Multi-mode learning

Cuemath uses a unique multi-mode learning format which involves worksheets, tabs and physical models among other modes.

What do Cuemath students achieve?

100% in school tests

Our students consistently score 100% marks in their school tests whether it be class tests or end-of-year exams.

Excel in competitive exams

Our students perform exceptionally well in competitive exams like NTSE, Math Olympiads and other competitive exams.

Real world problem solving

Cuemath kids excel at open-ended problem solving and learn to use mental mathematics effectively.

How is Cuemath different?


Parent satisfaction


Student engagement


Quiz competitions



What parents say?

Shashank Rekhi


My experience with Cuemath has been fabulous as the course always goes ahead of the school's syllabus. It has helped my child grab the concepts very easily. There has been beautiful support of the mentor without whose guidance our child wouldn't have made it.

Indumathi Sugumar


My daughter has fallen in love with Math purely because of Cuemath. She would voluntarily want to attend the classes. Even in situations where we had to go out as a family, she would opt out as she wouldn't want to miss.

Jyoti Arora


My kid was already attending KUMON however after enrolling in Cuemath I can confidently say I made no mistake. I really liked the structure and worksheets which cover entire Maths. The best part is that even Shaurya also looks forward going for the classes.

Our Team

Behind a world-class product is a world-class team. Cuemath’s core team is comprised of academicians and technologists from top-notch institutions like IIT, Stanford and Cambridge. Meet some of the people behind Cuemath.

Manan Khurma

Chief Executive Officer

An IIT Delhi graduate and an acclaimed mathematics author with Pearson and McGraw Hill.

Nikhil Pawar

Head of Curriculum

An astrophysics graduate with an M.Phil in educational research from Cambridge University.

Anushray Gupta

Chief Technology Officer

A IIIT Hyderabad graduate who worked at Facebook and has been part of other ed-tech startups.

Akshay Kumar

Chief Operating Officer

An IIM graduate with over 6 years of experience of managing franchises & operations.