The addition formula is used to add two individual numbers. An addition formula is used when a total of two or more numbers is required.

In addition, we regroup the numbers as per the place value and then add them carrying over the extra digit if needed.

Let us learn about the addition formula with a few examples in the end.

What Is the Addition Formula?

Consider two numbers A and B.

The addition formula for adding these two numbers is given as:

Z = A + B


where Z is the sum or total of the addition of A with B.

Sign '+' represents the addition of two quantities.

While one-digit numbers can be added in a simple way, we solve larger numbers by splitting them into columns of their respective place values, like Ones, Tens, Hundreds, Thousands, and so on.

We add these columns one by one:

So in order to add 354 and 32, we write both the numbers one below the other in such a way that the place values are aligned and then add them.


Solved Examples Using Addition Formula

Example 1: 

Add 65 with 44.


Given numbers A = 65 and B = 44.

Using addition formula,

Z = A + B

Z = 65 + 44 

Z = 109

Answer: The sum of the two numbers is 109.


Example 2: 

Add 4566 with 6667


Given numbers A = 4566 and B = 6667.

Using addition formula

Z = A + B

Z = 4566 + 6667 

Z = 11233

Answer: The sum of the two numbers is 11233.