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Story of an Indian Parent

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Indian mothers are not all about daily soaps and “did you eat?”, while Indian fathers are not all about news channels and cricket matches. Some may strongly disagree with this statement but the fact is that, an Indian parent is a lot more than this.

How? Here are a few other things every Indian parent talks about:

  • Career: What career they think is “best” for their children
  • Social gatherings: How important it is to  flaunt at a wedding happening months down the line
  • Marriage: How their child is too young to go on a solo vacation but old enough to get married!

The truth is that the above don’t matter much. What’s more important is, if what they want for their child is right or not. The definition of “this is right for my child” varies from parent to parent. But is this “right” really right for the child?

Let’s have a look at a recent survey that depicts what an Indian parent would wish for their kids-Comparing Indian parents internationally



Again, the definition of “happy” varies. And I won’t say wishing for a successful career is wrong. Neither is it termed as setting up a very high expectation. Of course, any parent would want their kids to lead a comfortable life.

But let’s look closely at the various scenarios around us-

  • Does only an engineering/doctorate degree bring happiness?
  • Is an artistic career looked down upon just because of the perception that it does not pay well?
  • Has “wealth over health” overpowered our minds?
  • Is a healthy and beautiful life not comfortable enough?
  • Is a successful, yet unmindful engineer working to his/her full potential?

These questions are pretty philosophical and debatable.

India is a rich country, in terms of knowledge, talent, religion and population. This richness will only enhance as long as the future of India is happy, healthy and properly educated.

So as an Indian parent,

  • Keep the future happy: By letting them take decisions and become independent.
  • Keep them healthy: By giving them ample chance and exposure to achieve what they require and want.
  • Give them the opportunity: To fall in love with what they do and what they learn.

More importantly, prepare them to make complex decisions in the future. After all, isn’t it your obligation as parents to ensure that your child evolves into an independent individual capable of much more than just following instructions?

Why not begin with math? After all, math is said to be the universal language and promotes logical and creative thinking.

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Aishwarya Sinha Ray

Aishwarya is a math expert and works with the Curriculum team at Cuemath. She believes in bringing out the "why" of every simple mathematical concept that we have learnt. Her articles focus on basic math and she makes them interesting by including simple puzzles and fun facts. Follow her articles to understand how passionate she is about making math interesting for us.