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3 Day Cuemath Super Challenge- Delhi

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Our Cuemath teachers in and around Delhi were surprised with a challenge one day. They were challenged to enrol as many students as they could within 3 days.

The Cuemath air in Delhi was tense with competition because 3 days is not a joke. Nevertheless all our Cuemath teachers, given how extremely talented and hard-working they are, prepared and enrolled students into the Cuemath program.

Like in every challenge, there can are winners, so also in the “3 Day Cuemath Super Challenge”, we had two teachers who enrolled 4 students each,

Prachi Agrawal from Indirapuram


Shweta Bansal from Pitampura.

After a quick chat with both the teachers, I concluded that the drive they possess to take Cuemath to every child has just begun.

Prachi Agrawal initially reached out to her known circle and explained that she wished to help their kids do well in math. She explains that because this circle of he acquaintances knew her very well, they trusted her choice and readily agreed to start their children with Cuemath. She managed to enrol the children within a weekend, 1 on Friday, 2 on Saturday and another child on Monday.

“I invited the children and parents home and showed them the sample workbooks and puzzle cards. They all absolutely loved it!” she informs me.

Shweta Bansal has just joined the Cuemath family and enrolled her own daughter initially. She began her Cuemath center after being inspired by her sister. She began preparing her friends for it as well, to a point where they persuaded her to enrol their kids first and begin teaching them. This sense of curiosity and the relief for a solution like Cuemath enabled Shweta to enrol her 4 new students.

“I’m so excited to start, I’m just ordering the new workbooks and it’s a new phase for me” says the teacher.

Apart from these teachers, we have 6 teachers who enrolled 3 students in 3 days. They are,

Nirmala Raghunath,

Garima Agarwal,

Sonia Arora,

Kusum Thapa,

Vijetha Agarwal and

Shivani Agrawal.


We congratulate all these teachers and look forward to many more amazing results for the future challenges!

So, New Delhi Cuemath teachers are taking their game to the next level.

What are we all waiting for!

You can also become a teacher with us and make an impact in the lives of many children.


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