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Bringing about a Math revolution – Shivani Agrawal

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We have some great news to share, Cuemath Teacher Shivani Agrawal from Mandi Gobindgarh has achieved her Cuemath Mission 40 target. She has managed to inspire not only the students, but even the parents that live around her. Her belief in the Cuemath Program has led to many success stories among her students and she believes in learning everyday. Here is what she wants to share with other Cuemath Teachers  and those that wish to teach math from home, in her own words.

“I am proud to be associated with Cuemath. When I first saw a post on Facebook, I was instantly hooked on the idea of a specialized math program for kids. I have always voiced my concern in my circle that students must have a strong foundation and I am really grateful to Cuemath for initiating this concept of a holistic math program. I was not once apprehensive about the success or results of the program. Being a mother of two kids, I was sure that I would want my kids to join this. So I started my centre with full conviction. The foremost reason which I believe is helping me out to reach out to parents and students is my own faith in the program.

I send whatsapp messages and Facebook posts periodically. Now, word of mouth publicity is really working for me. When parents see that the results of their kids have changed greatly after say 2-3 months, they tell other parents.


I always encourage my fellow Cuemath Teachers to have strong faith in the process. It will surely show results if we stick to it. Keep yourself updated with basic concepts and examples. This helps in making parents aware that the old system of teaching maths was not right . Keep evolving yourself as a teacher by learning new methods to make concepts easier. Follow the Cuemath resource centre. This has helped me a great deal because any question you have about the program, you will find the answer there.

Search for other avenues that tell you how to make teaching and learning fun. Make these result oriented as well for the students. That’s all I’ve been doing . Just believe and give your 100%.

Thank you team Cuemath for patiently taking all negative and positive feedback and supporting me at every step.”

As excited as we are for your achievement, we are extremely honoured to have you share your experience with us! Here’s hoping that you are an inspiration to many women across the nation who want to bring about a change in math education.

Are you interested in making an impact in the lives of children by teaching math? Sign up now and create your own success story like Shivani’s.


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