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Is the CDT score useful for my child?

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The Cuemath Diagnostic Test is a simple assessment that helps parents and teachers understand a student’s difficulty in math.

The score of the CDT will help you in the following ways;

  • Gives a clear understanding of the child’s proficiency in school math and aptitude
  • Shows an ability/aptitude score that schools don’t assess at all (but is the most important part of math)
  • Identifies the child’s strengths as well as areas of improvement.
  • Gives a new data point to figure out the child’s mathematical inclination (independent assessment).
  • Helps contextualise your child’s proficiency compared to the city.
  • Helps you take necessary steps as a parent to support your child’s learning.

The CDT will help your child realise what they love the most about math.  High scorers from each grade will get attractive prizes and all participants will receive certificates.

As parents, you are responsible for the proper development of your child’s education. Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone to tell where exactly your child needs help in math?

That’s exactly what the CDT score will tell you.

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