Cuemath Edge Awards 2019

Cuemath Edge Awards 2019: Know your Nominees

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How to vote?

Step 1: Get to know your teacher nominees: Read teacher scorecards, click to watch a video story.

Step 2: Identify 3 teachers to vote for “Best Educator of the Year”

Step 3: Go to Cueteacher home page

Step 4: Go to task “Cast your EDGE Vote”

Voting deadline: 25th January, 2019

Here are the stories of the 11 EDGE Nominees … to read their stories in detail and watch their videos, click on the image.

Nominee #1: Amrita Saha                                                                 Nominee #2: Farida Syeda                     Edge awards 2-01               Edge awards 2-11

Nominee #3: Meenakshi Agarwalla                                                Nominee #4: Nirupama SriramEdge awards 2-03

Nominee #5: Nisha Vyas                                                                      Nominee #6: Rashmi EdlabadkarEdge awards 2-10Edge awards 2-09

Nominee #7: Sabitha Sarvanan                                                         Nominee #8: Sarika BhasinEdge awards 2-04Edge awards 2-05

Nominee #9: Stuti Khandelwal                                                        Nominee #10: Swati Gupta

Stuti Khandelwal

Edge awards 2-02
Nominee #11: Usha Srinivasan

Edge awards 2-07

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