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Cuemath is on the international radar with CNBC!

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CNBC had a chat with the CEO and founder of Cuemath, Manan Khurma about the Cuemath Program. Manan explained the business model of Cuemath while highlighting how more than 2000 women across the country were embracing the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of many children by becoming Cuemath Teachers.


Apart from this, the video also showcases Cuemath Teacher Priyanka Maidh’s Cuemath Center. The ease with which she assists her students is seen here and the students seem to enjoy their class.  By teaching around 3 hours a day and teaching around 8 kids at a time, Priyanka Maidh is able to put to use her highly qualified skills.

Like Priyanka, many women in India take a break from their jobs in order to spend quality time with their family and raising their children. They can now easily begin a math learning center at their homes by becoming certified Cuemath Teachers with complete training and support.

Now that Cuemath is getting acknowledged internationally, why don’t you sign up to become a Cuemath Teacher and join the proud movement towards excellent math education? Become a Teacher by clicking here.


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