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Cuemath Teachers finding the math around Delhi

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A few of us Cuemath Teachers from Delhi, wanted to do something special for our Cuemath Students and we thought, what’s better than learning about the rich heritage of our city, Delhi?

We decided to organise a one-day excursion across the city. Our idea was to blend education and fun. We planned it as part of the Christmas celebrations and it was a welcome change for the students who got the chance to learn not just about the city but also about working together as a team and nurturing a spirit of friendship.

cuemath teachers

Left to right: Ms. Neha Narang, Ms. Asha Bansal, Ms. Timcy Goyal, Ms. Ekta Gupta,& Ms. Swati Gupta

We organised the excursion with the help of “The Hop on Hop off (HoHo) Bus Delhi City Tour” and the Cuemath Teachers involved in the planning and execution were, Ms. Neha Narang, Ms. Timci Goyal, Ms. Asha Bansal, Ms. Ekta Gupta, and Ms. Swati Gupta. In order to build the festive mood, we also decorated the bus with balloons and buntings.

  • With the HoHo bus we traveled across the city to a number of destinations like Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, The National Railway Museum, India Gate, Special Drive Pass of Rashtrapati Bhawan, Drive Pass of Air Force Station, etc.. The children were excited and had lots of fun while learning about the different lifestyles across the city.
  • The excursion brought us closer to the rich heritage of Delhi comprising of ASI Monuments and Museums which usually, we as parents don’t give importance to. However, discovering with the children how math was relevant at these glorious sites, was incredible.
  • The tour gave us the freedom to explore places we wanted to. The Qutub Minar, for example, is the highest stone tower in India and is maintained as the tower of Victory. The height of the tower, the steps and the storeys were discussed because these aren’t easily known figures. At Jantar Mantar, we talked about the different clocks and practices followed by the citizens back in the years.
  • A total of 43 Cuemath Students and 5 teachers travelled together. 
  • The Cuemath Students were asked to bring along their siblings or friends. This helped us open up the world of Cuemath to these new children together with the experience of the trip.

cuemath teachers

The excursion was a lot of fun and our students went back not only with cherished memories but also with Christmas presents arranged for them all.

As for us Cuemath Teachers, this was an experience worth sharing. Collectively, we believe that every child can become their excellent versions when we teach them the right way.

Teaching beyond the traditional classroom is the need of the hour.

So why don’t you take up the Cuemath Opportunity like me and inspire children to learn by experiencing.

Become a Cuemath Teacher and make that difference!

cuemath teachers

This article was originally written by Cuemath Teacher Neha Narang from Delhi and submitted to us.

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