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How to endow your child with critical thinking skills

12 How to endow your child with critical thinking skills
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Logical reasoning and critical thinking skills are some of the primary skills that we have to apply every day, even during the course of our regular life. This is as important as having common sense. Unless one is good at it, progressing steadily in life becomes difficult.

It is therefore extremely important that your child  starts acquiring the  logical reasoning  and critical thinking skills from a very young age. Your role as a parent is to foster these abilities in your child so that the child becomes comfortable in applying these right from their formative years.

Here are some of the things that you can do to sure these qualities in your child.

  • Provide clarity: Encourage your child to ask as many questions as is necessary to help him understand something. Try to give simple answers to those questions  and provide as much clarity as required to make the child understand the concept in a crystal clear manner.
  • Stay relevant: While learning something it is very easy to go off topic. This is a common problem that even adults face very regularly. Encourage your child to think as accurately as possible so that they remain to the point. This habit will prevent a lot of confusion and also save a lot of time for them. 
  • Encourage accuracy: If your child is having a problem in understanding any topic, let him / her do a thorough research of the facts to arrive at and accurate conclusion. Teach the child how to search the internet to find information from trustworthy sources. This will reduce the child’s dependence on a teacher and  soon they will be able to find out  accurate answers to their questions on their own.
  • Promote logical thinking: When the child encounters a math problem, avoid giving ready made solutions or spoon feed the child. It is seen that children who are taught in this way become dependent on others for the solutions and develop an option to think logically and independently. Let your child spend some time on thinking through the possible solutions before seeking help from you. Once they are able to  arrived at the solution on their own, their confidence will get boosted significantly.

The key to the development of critical thinking skills in the child is to make your child learn how to think independently and arrived at the best possible solution. Encourage this and provide the necessary support so that the child’s future is secured.

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