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Internship with Cuemath
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What is Cuemath?

Before getting to understand the internship, it is important to have a little background.

Cuemath is a math excellence program for children from KG to 8th grade. These children are taught our specially-designed curriculum by highly qualified, well-trained and certified Cuemath Teachers at their home-based centers. We are backed by Sequioa India and Google’s CapitalG.

What is the Cuemath Internship?

The internship involves reaching out to educated, married and deserving women and convincing them to become Cuemath Teachers. It is one of the most sought-after internships in Bangalore.
NOTE: The internship is open to Bangalore college students only.

Who should you reach out to?

Women who want to kickstart/restart/switch their careers. They can become Cuemath Teachers and teach math to children in an engaging way. Cuemath Teachers are handpicked from a vast pool of applicants and further trained & certified to build quality into their Cuemath Centers.

Conversion: Converting selective applicants into Cuemath Teachers through training and certification

Prerequisites for selecting teachers:

  • Married
  • Graduates
  • Must have studied math at least till 12th grade
  • No relocation plans within next year


Job Description

Internship Job Title
Marketing & Sales Intern

3 months

What you need to do
It’s simple!

  • Promote the Cuemath Teacher opportunity on online (like social media, etc.) and offline (like nearby areas, etc.) platforms.
  • Contact your network of talented and married women who are passionate about math and educate them about the Cuemath Teacher opportunity. You can even contact women outside your network.
  • Help them register online and get them onboard.


What’s in it for you

  • One-time fixed payment of INR 5,000, which you will receive after the first conversion.


  • For the first 3 conversions, you will receive INR 5,000 per certified Cuemath Teacher.
  • For 4 and above conversions, you will receive INR 10,000 per certified Cuemath Teacher.

Incentive structure

So let’s say you refer 10 women out of which 6 become certified Cuemath Teachers, you will receive:

5,000* + 3(5,000) + 3(10,000) = INR 50,000

More than enough to take your family/friends out for a fancy dinner and buy those (expensive) NIKE shoes!

So apply now!

Internship with Cuemath


Don’t forget to fill the internship form. Entries will be closed on 24th February 2017

CTA 02

Here’s a video that showcases our CEO, Manan Khurma’s vision in an interview with CNBC:

Cuemath on CNBC


Story of our partnership with Google’s CapitalG

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