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Grade 8 School Test Results of Cuemath Students

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Cuemath students are reaching new milestones everyday. Take a look at the phenomenal scores that our students got in the tests that they appeared for in the month of September and October.

A+ in SA1

89/90 in SA1

88/90 in SA1

79.5/80 in Mid-term exams

86/90 in SA1

87/90 in SA1

76/80 in Mid-term exams

39/40 in SA2

100% marks in Monthly Cycle Test

A in SA1

A in SA1

29/30 in FA2





29/30 in Mid-term


A+ in SA1


A+ in SA1, FA2


95/100 in School Test


19/20 in Unit Test


A in SA1


A in SA1


90/90 in SA1
























































Cuemath is changing the lives of thousands of students across the nation by making them great at math and helping them improve their scores consistently.

Your child can also become one among these Cuemath Students.
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