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How your child can be good at math

Jo boaler
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You would have heard a lot of people share that math is difficult for them, or that they¬†don’t have the “math gene”. However, Dr. Jo Boaler, a renowned math professor from Stanford does not agree with such statements. In this Ted Talk, she shows us how children can be taught math with the right guidance.

Boaler shares brain research that explains how believing in our capabilities will help us perform better. She also explains how our brains function differently when we make mistakes while learning. Boaler in this talk, gives hope to those who fear math and brings us to think about how most teachers approach what should be a rewarding experience for all children and adults.

Dr. Jo Boaler is a Professor of Mathematics education at Stanford and the co-founder of YouCubed. YouCubed provides ideas to inspire and excite students about math. She has written a book called “Experiencing School Mathematics”, which won the Outstanding Book of the Year award for education in Britain. She is a recipient of a National Science Foundation “early career award” and was named by BBC as one of the eight educators changing the face of education.

After watching this video, one would wonder, isn’t it time we get rid of outdated teaching techniques?

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Isha Chakraborty

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