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My journey as a Cuemath teacher

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It all started when Himanshu Gupta from Malviya Nagar, Delhi office of Cuelearn called me up during October 2014. He explained what Cuemath was all about. I immediately liked the concept as I always believed that strong mathematical foundation is the key to success. So I said yes to becoming a Cuemath Teacher and I started from November 2014.

I went to each and every flat at my apartment where school going children were there. Some were interested immediately; some took as long as six months to join. So I started with my daughter and three other students.

During the past two years, some students joined and left due to distance issues. Now I have eight students and am trying to enroll a few more next month.


I must say that over these two years, my association with the Cuemath Team is an amazing experience. These guys are the best support system I have ever worked with. I would like to offer special thanks to Himanshu, Divya, Sharique, Labdhi, Laveen and Ayesha.

My bond with Cuemath Team got stronger when I got the invitation to attend the Bangalore Cuemath Teacher Convention, 2016. Ever since I became a Cuemath Teacher, I wanted to meet the founder, Mr. Manan Khurma and the curriculum designer Mr. Nikhil Pawar. When I did, it was like a dream come true. I am really grateful to the Cuemath Team for giving me this opportunity to meet this amazing duo and also the rest of the team members like Nruthya, Jobin, Jom, Mayank, Aditi, Rukmani, Vagmi, Prerna and Chirutha.


The real surprise was when my effort for these two years was acknowledged with an “Award of Excellence”. This has motivated me to work even harder and smarter.


The whole experience of meeting hundreds of teachers like me was really awesome. I really cherish this trip to the Benagaluru Convention. I hope to inspire many more women like me to become Cuemath Teachers and take charge of shaping the future of our nation.

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Farida Syeda

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