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5 Things you didn’t know about the International Math Olympiad

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Is your child ‘Olympiad’ ready?

The International Math Olympiad is one of the most prestigious annual mathematical competition for school children consisting of 6 questions of 7 marks each.

The International Math Olympiad or IMO is held at a global scale every year with more than 100 participating countries every year. The content and pattern of questions presented in the Olympiad range from complicated algebra, calculus problems to widespread problems on branches of mathematics that are generally not taught to your children in schools or university levels.

The International Math Olympiad is not just a math competition; it’s a global challenge that helps your child grow their mathematical skills in a competitive environment.

Here are five things, you probably didn’t know about the International Mathematical Olympiad:

1.IMO prepares your child for competitions in the real world:  

The world is filled with intense competition that your child will have to partake and win in. School level competitions are not the same as the level of competition your child will face while they are on their path to carve out a career for themselves. IMO welcomes teams from all around the world, having various levels of math aptitudes. Your child gets the real-life experience of what it is like to compete with people from all walks of life, thus preparing them for any and every competition in the real world.   

2. Math Olympiads is your child’s window to think innovatively:

When your child is at school, they are taught how to solve a problem in a set way, when in reality the problem might have different methods and procedures to solve them But your child, in this case, is not allowed to explore the other possible results and ways a math problem can be solved. Math Olympiads pose as a ticket for your child to broaden their horizons when it comes to the subject itself; it allows your child to look into it as a challenge instead of being scared of it.  

At Cuemath, we believe in your child’s inherent ability to solve a problem on their own. We let your child experience math in a way that is both engaging and fun. Math Olympiads are fun and challenging at the same time; we make sure your child is Olympiad ready with our newly introduced IMO course.

3.The Olympiad encourages the habit of problem-solving in your child:

IMO requires participants to look at a problem in many different ways to reach a solution. It inculcates the practice of real-life problem-solving. Outside the four walls and textbooks of schools is a world that heavily relies on problem-solving and logical skills. Olympiads such as the International Math Olympiad, help your child get a glimpse of what it is like to be able to solve a real-life problem.

4.Math Olympiads develop mathematical thinking in your child:

Mathematical thinking can be defined as the process of looking at a mathematical problem in many different ways before concluding, in other words, mathematical thinking lets your child think outside the box, an ability that is very much useful and needed in today’s world.

5. The International Math Olympiad changes the subjective perception that Math is evil:

The rote-learning educational system has successfully made your child believe he cannot solve a particular Math problem unless it’s done in the way it has initially been taught at school. The Indian education system, when it comes to a versatile subject such as Math does not teach the habit of solving a problem in many different ways. It’s rooted in the fact that a particular issue, can only have a single answer and that answer can only be reached using a unique formula or problem-solving technique. It instills a sense of dread and fear in your child, that does not allow them to think about the solutions to the problem in a different way.

The International Mathematical Olympiad was first started in Romania in the year 1959. As of 2017, China holds the top position in the International Mathematical Olympiad. This year, the International Mathematical Olympiad is set to be conducted from the 3rd of July to the 14th of July in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Make your child Olympiad-ready for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Enroll your child with our Cuemath special IMO course today!


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