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A Quiz Day- By Cuemath teacher Nayanatara V Kaggal

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I have been taking Cuemath classes for almost a year now. I currently have 10 students in my class. I conducted the Math Quiz on 12th June 2016, a Sunday. It was a completely new, fun, engaging and fulfilling experience.

36 new participants plus 10 of my students, anxious and excited parents and a great setting for a first time quiz master: me.

Hi, I am Nayanatara from Jakkur, Bangalore and I have to say,it was worth every bit of it – I would do it again just for the experience.

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When Cuemath came up with this idea of Math Quiz, it seemed daunting at first. But, I didn’t want to miss out on this unique experience and the possible exposure for Cuemath to kids & parents. I gave it my all;

I am extremely pleased with the event and have already received enquiries.

It takes careful planning, more planning and the willingness to adapt to the situation during the quiz

The planning phase:

Event location: I live in a sparsely populated locality. To make it very easy for people to come to the event, I thought it will be nice to pick a popular & unique spot. I picked Jus’Trufs, a Chocolate Factory and a nice place for events!

Advertising: I put up banners at locations with maximum footfall/visibility, distributed pamphlets in and around my area – specifically targeting houses with kids! I also paid for a wide variety of digital marketing including listing on and approached a few schools and talked to the principals & coordinators. One of the schools sent circulars to all their kids – I think this gave the best exposure. When it goes from school, there is a lot of credibility!

New Registrations: On Friday, just two days before the quiz, I had only 5 registrations and was getting disheartened. The Cuemath team, specifically Laveen with his prior experience was assuring me that I will get more registrations. Come Saturday, the calls started pouring in. By Saturday evening I had a total of 40 enquiries. 36 of them registered & participated in the end!

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Math Quiz: The quiz went smooth with the help of my family, another Cuemath teacher in the neighbourhood and the Cuemath team. The response and involvement of students and their parents was amazing and they enjoyed every bit of it. Parents felt that the quiz was very well organized, they liked the ambience, and although I was doing this for the first time, they appreciated the way the whole event was handled.

I tried the quiz. Now, I feel I should try more new things!

Conducting the quiz has greatly enhanced my confidence. I feel every Cuemath teacher should definitely conduct the Math Quiz to have that experience and also give exposure of Cuemath to students in your locality.

At the end of it all, a few parents wanted to know when the next quiz is scheduled! Some told me that the quiz got the whole family fully involved. They all are excited to be part of it again.

work from home

My message to my fellow teachers:

  1. Find a place that is popular in your locality and easy to locate for all
  2. Advertise to create visibility about 2 weeks in advance
  3. In my case, school connect worked the best – parents trust this source the most
  4. Define roles and assign someone to each role like: registrations, scoring, photography, prize distribution, etc.
  5. You will love the look on the faces of all participants and parents! Not just winners


You can also become a Cuemath Teacher and make an impact in the lives of many children.


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