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What is the format for the CDT?

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The first level of the Cuemath Mastermind Contest, which is the Diagnostic test assesses children on two fronts:

  •        The School Math section focusses on the topics that schools cover.
  •        The Ability section taps into skills that build mathematical thinking and aptitude.

Diagnostic Test Format:

  • It is grade-wise and paper-based with OMR answer sheets
  • It is 40 minutes long for each grade from 1 to 8
  • It is administered at no cost
  • It has two sections namely, Part 1: School Math and Part 2: Ability, as explained above.

Top scorers of the CDT from each grade will be awarded with medals. All the participants will receive certificates as well.

Here’s a sneak peak of what the questions would look like.

Sample Questions:




a. 5.40 am

b. 4.50 pm

c. 4.50 am

d. 5.46 am

Answer: C




a.  Pumpkin

b. Brinjal

c. Tomato

d. None of these

Answer: a

With questions as easy as these, your child is sure to enjoy the CDT.

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