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Who are the creators of the CMC?

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“The CMC looks great, but who are the creators of it?”

The creators and designers of the Cuemath Mastermind Contest are math and educational experts from IIT, IIM, Cambridge, Harvard & Stanford. This is the same team that has created one of India’s most sophisticated math learning programs called Cuemath.

More about Cuemath:

  • The Cuemath Program seeks to impart holistic and comprehensive math learning in a gentle way that will help children love the subject.
  • At Cuemath, apart from the experts, a dedicated team of around 20 researchers study the intricacies of math and come up with easier methods that kids would understand and build upon.
  • The team regularly assesses the students’ performances and depending on the feedback, keeps evolving the curriculum.

This way, the environment at Cuemath is very dynamic and students get excited to solve new questions every day.

The Cuemath Program is facilitated by trained and certified teachers who are highly qualified and each teacher handles only 8 kids per batch.

More than 1500 Cuemath Centers are active across the country. Cuemath Teachers are becoming game changers wherever they are!

Have a look at the school test results of many of our Cuemath Students here

Here’s what parents of Cuemath Students have to say about the program.

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