What is the role of our online math tutors?

At Cuemath, we firmly believe that every kid can be great at math if they are exposed to the right way of learning math. The math tutors at Cuemath, all trained, certified and highly experienced, are dedicated towards helping every student unlock their true math potential.

Cue students to discover the right answer
Push boundaries of thinking of students
Instantly clarify any doubts that students may have

How do our tutors teach?

Live, online 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student in each class
Cue the student to find the right answer rather than spoon feeding it
Constantly evaluate learning plans and goals to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

How are our tutors different?

Our math tutors constantly challenge the students to become better at math. The tutors are trained not to give away the answers to the students but rather cue them in the right direction so that they discover the answer by themselves.

The dedicated tutor charts out a learning plan for each student by calibrating their current level and the learning goals.

Our tutors help students achieve their goals by always being available for 1:1 doubt clearing sessions and constantly sharing feedback with the students and parents about their strengths and weaknesses.

The online tutors from Cuemath are making children in Dubai great at math 

Online learning is fascinating and it is changing the way in which education is delivered all  over the world. While offline teaching has its benefits, online training is more personalized and interactive.

Online learning has also come as a boon for the children in Dubai who are afraid of mathematics. Cuemath, a world-renowned education company has developed and unique math learning program which has made math learning a fun and enjoyable exercise for children in Dubai. Your child can also benefit from the intervention by an online math tutor from Cuemath.

 If a child is showing any of the signs mentioned below then, you can seek help from a live tutor from Cuemath to optimize his/her math performance.

  1. Your child is afraid of math or hates it

Does your child get jittery whenever he/she is made to learn math? This type of phobia is very common among children all over the world and it generally developed due to the uninteresting and intimidating way in which Math is taught in schools.

 The online tutors from Cuemath will make your child go through various interactive quizzes and practical activities to develop the interest of your child towards Math.

  1. You are too busy to take your child to classes

Nowadays, both children and parents have a very busy schedule which makes it difficult for them to go to a classroom-based education center for getting extra help in math. The online tutors of Cuemath follow a flexible schedule where they can teach your child whenever he/she is free. Since the child will learn Math from the comfort of your home, you will not have to take him/her anywhere and save a lot of time. This will also help you save time, instead of being on roads in Dubai.

  1.  You do not want to allow unknown teachers to come to your home

As a parent, you might be worried about allowing strangers to come to your house to teach your child. Hiring an online math tutor from Cuemath will completely eliminate this problem since the teaching will be done remotely. The live tutor from Cuemath will never come to your house and use various online media to teach your child using the internet.

  1. The child is having problems in solving math problems independently

Does your child understand math but cannot solve my problems without getting help from others? The most likely reason for this is that the confidence and accuracy levels of the child are low. An online math tutor from Cuemath will give your child constant practice by making him/her solve various exercises and mock exams to permanently get rid of this problem.

  1.  The child has unique learning needs 

In a classroom environment, the teacher cannot pay individualized attention to every student as they are shared amongst all the students in a class. The online tutors of Cuemath are specially trained to understand the unique personality of students and cater to their learning needs very effectively. They will develop a friendship with your child and encourage them to ask as many questions as needed, to clear the understanding of math.

About the Cuemath program

Cuemath has developed a groundbreaking math learning program to help children in Dubai. Many students from the world over have already benefited from the practical oriented teaching style of Cuemath and your child also has this unique opportunity now.

The way in which the live tutors of Cuemath develop the program is way ahead of the style followed by other tutors providers like Vedantu, Concept Tutors, and Ekamedu. Their approach is backed by thousands of hours of research put in by Cuemath into preparing this program. 

Speak to us today to know more about the program and for enrolling your child in it.