It was always very painful for me to see my daughter Muniza struggling with math. No teacher could help her till I decided to try out the Cuemath program. The intervention of the Cuemath teacher has worked like a miracle and my daughter started to enjoy math instead of running away from it. The Cuemath program has made a world of difference to her knowledge and confidence levels. I highly recommend the program to every child who wants to do well in math.
- Nasser al Majid
, Father of Muniza, (Grade 3) | Al Lisaili - Dubai
My daughter Sara has always been good at mathematics but we feel that she needed a little extra push to do even better. We had heard about the Cuemath program from a friend and decided to enrol her in it. The Cuemath teacher started to reinforce her knowledge of math with regular revisions and also exposed her to advance level math. Cuemath has helped her to stay ahead of her classmates and we are very happy with her math results.
- Juma Hassan Al-Shaikh
, Father of Sara, (Grade 5) | Al Aweer - Dubai
I decided to get my son Risvan enrolled in the Cuemath program after his friend had a remarkable improvement in math after joining the Cuemath classes. Omar has always been afraid of math and he really needs the personalized guidance which his Cuemath teacher provides to him every day. She broke the fear of mathematics that he had and gave him the confidence that he needed to solve the math problems independently in his examinations. I wholeheartedly thank Cuemath for the improvement.
- Fatima Khan
, Mother of Risvan, (Grade 4) | Al Lusayli - Dubai
My son Khalid has been studying in a Cuemath class for 2 years and his performance in math has gone from bad to remarkably good over time. The whole credit for this improvement goes to Cuemath. The program is scientifically designed, comprehensive and simple. Khalid is now so fascinated with math that he spends most of his time solving the Math gyms and other exercises provided by his Cuemath teacher. I wholeheartedly thank Cuemath for helping him to excel in math.
- Omar Galadari
, Father of Khalid, (Grade 7) | Jebel Ali - Dubai
When I decided to enrol my daughter Fathema in math tuitions, I first took her to Concept Tutors. But there I did not see any significant improvement in her. Then my friend told me about Cuemath classes and everything changed. Fathema thoroughly enjoys learning math from her Cuemath teacher now and she finds the Cuemath program to be awesome. She is getting good marks in her school math examinations and I am really happy with the progress she is making.
- Abdullah Abadi
, Father of Fathema, (Grade 8) | Al Lusayli - Dubai