I thank Cuemath for providing the opportunity to learn Math in a practical way. It was what I needed to Take my math knowledge to the next level. I learnt a lot from the program and my math marks have also improved remarkably. I am thankful to Cuemath for making it so easy for me to learn math. I highly recommend that everyone who wants to do well in math should give the Cuemath program a try
- Noor Al Numairy
, (Grade 4) | Jebel Ali - Dubai
Before joining, Cuemath I found it very difficult to solve math problems without making mistakes. But my Cuemath program really took out time to understand my problems and it rectified them quickly. Her constant encouragement kept me going. She set challenging goals for me and then guided me at every step to help me reach those goals. Now I can understand math much better and really look forward to her classes. The whole credit of my improvement in math goes to Cuemath.
- Maryam Abdullah
, (Grade 6) | Marqa - Dubai
The Cuemath is very interesting and it has really helped me to understand the math concept easily. I have really benefited from the methodical and interesting way in which I learnt math from my Cuemath teacher. The interactive tools of Cuemath made it very easy for me to grasp the Math concepts quickly. Now I am much more confident about math and I am getting much better marks in my school math examinations. The entire credit of this improvement goes to Cuemath.
- Mohammed Razzak
, (Grade 5) | Al Lusayli - Dubai
Math has been a subject which always used to scare me. But once I joined the Cuemath classes, the situation changed completely. My mathematics teacher taught the Cuemath program in such a fun way that I started to thoroughly enjoy learning math from her. The Cuemath program takes away the boredom from math and makes math learning highly enjoyable even for students like me who have never liked math. Thank you Cuemath for showing me how fascinating math can be.
- Ahmad bin Rashid
, (Grade 2) | Al Lisaili - Dubai
My father enrolled me for the Cuemath classes when I was struggling with mathematics and was getting consistently poor marks in it. Now I am very happy to say that Cuemath has made a world of difference to my life. My Cuemath teacher identified my problems and helped me overcome those with a lot of care. I have never seen a Math learning program as interesting as Cuemath. Now, I am very much confident about Math and my marks have improved too.
- Kalil Al-Hashim
, (Grade 7) | Al Aweer - Dubai