I find Cuemath to be an excellent math learning platform with a unique approach to teaching math to children. My daughter Amelia used to hate the way math was taught in her school. But once we enrolled her in the Cuemath class, she became so fascinated with math that she started spending free time in solving the Math puzzles and tab-based exercises that Cuemath has provided to her. I highly recommend the Cuemath program to every parent in Australia.
- Thomas Robinson
, Father of Amelia, (Grade 5) | Sydney - Australia
Cuemath has really helped in optimizing the performance of my son in his math examinations. I have seen a noticeable improvement in his math and analytical skills as well as his confidence levels since he joined the Cuemath classes. His Cuemath teacher is also preparing him for his school math examinations so that he does not need to study separately for them. I am seeing a considerable improvement in his math grades and feel so happy that I decided to enroll him in the Cuemath classes.
- Henry Nguyen
, Father Of Jack, (Grade 7) | Darwin - Australia
My son William never had a flair for mathematics and needed help. I had earlier enrolled him in a tutorial class run by MathOnline but noticed no difference in his performance at all. So, I decided to get him enrolled in a Cuemath class and now I am seeing a tremendous transformation in him. He is has got a good understanding of math from his Cuemath teacher and I am sure that within some time he will start to ace his examinations.
- Matilda White
, Mother of William, (Grade 3) | Perth - Australia
I Have had a good experience with the Cuemath program so far and it has helped my daughter to progress well in mathematics. The program has been built very scientifically keeping in mind the learning needs of school children. The Cuemath teacher whose class my daughter has joined this very caring, knowledgeable, and hardworking. I thank Cuemath for being so supportive and can confidently recommend it to other parents who want their children to do well in math.
- Charlie King
, Father of Eva, (Grade 4) | Canberra - Australia
I consider the Cuemath program to be nothing but exceptional. It has transformed my son Henry in multiple ways, not just in mathematics. The Cuemath teacher whose class he attends is incredibly supportive towards his learning needs and along with teaching math, she also focuses on improving his logical reasoning and analytical skills as well. I am now noticing a vast improvement in his knowledge and confidence levels which is reflecting in the good grades that he is getting in math.
- Nathan Martin
, Father Of Henry, (Grade 9) | Brisbane - Australia