My Cuemath teacher makes me learn mathematics in a fun, engaging and practical way. She gives lots of examples while explaining the math concepts, which makes it extremely easy for me to understand them. She also makes me play various math games and asks me to solve math problems every day. Because of her I have gained a good understanding of math and do not feel afraid of it anymore. I thank her and Cuemath for everything they have done for me.
- Oliver Smith
, (Grade 6) | Queensland - Australia
I love to attend the online Cuemath classes because I have a lot of fun while learning math from my teacher. She is like my friend who is always ready to help me out whenever I face any difficulty in understanding math. She also makes me participate in various activities and games which I find fascinating. Before joining my Cuemath class I used to have problems in understanding math but now everything looks quite easy to me.
- Jack Jones
, (Grade 3) | Melbourne - Australia
Though I was never weak in math, I Always found geometry to be difficult. I had a problem in understanding and remembering the theorems and slowly developed a fear of math. However, once I enrolled in the Cuemath class I got access to the wonderful learning tools that Cuemath has developed. Soon I got a grip on geometry and my knowledge of the other disciplines of math also became stronger. I am now getting much better marks and all my problems are gone.
- Mia Brown
, (Grade 7) | Hamilton - Australia
Math is my most favourite subject and I love to learn it from my Cuemath teacher. Before Joining the Cuemath class I always thought that math is difficult, and I will not be able to understand it easily. However, once I joined the Cuemath program I realized how interesting math is. My Cuemath teacher my best friend. She makes me learn Math in a simple way with the Cuemath lessons and I always eagerly look forward to her classes.
- Ava Lee
, (Grade 4) | Mildura - Australia
I never really liked math earlier, but the situation changed completely when my father got me enrolled in a Cuemath class. I Like the unique style in which my Cuemath teacher explains the math concepts to me. Instead of focusing too much on theory, she makes me participate in various math games and worksheet solving sessions to give me a better understanding of math. This practical oriented approach of teaching math has worked wonders for me, and I now feel much more confident about math.
- Olivia Tylor
, (Grade 8) | Perth - Australia