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K-6 is a formative phase, where the foundation needs to be strongly built. Unfortunately, most children do not get the right exposure, guidance and support to build a strong base and leap ahead.

The Cuemath Foundation Program addresses these gaps through our online program and helps students build a strong math foundation.

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Focus on Memorisation/Rote-Learning

  • Learning in formative years should be visual; not drill based

  • An understanding of the concept ensures long lasting retention

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Focus on ‘Why’ over ‘What’

  • The need for the concept is brought out instead of merely presenting yet another math topic.

  • Simulations and visuals help explain a concept.

  • Mental math becomes easy to do once the concept is understood and solving strategies can be formed.

Passive Learning

  • Children need to learn actively by doing, not by seeing a teacher do it or watching a video.

  • Passive learning provides limited information about student learning, and results in surface processing instead of deep learning.

Active Learning

  • Research suggests active learning improves critical thinking, increases retention, sparks creative thinking and encourages risk taking.

  • Your child discovers new things as they go ahead, creating many ‘Aha’ moments for themselves along their journey, through carefully calibrated questions.

No 1:1 attention

  • 1:1 attention ensures that the child is helped and guided at the exact time that it is required.

  • Timely intervention ensures that misconceptions are nipped in the bud.

Personalized Attention

  • The teacher is constantly monitoring your child.

  • She intervenes to rectify errors.

  • Your child can ask for help at any point during the session for instant support.

Lack of practice

  • Understanding a concept and practicing it go hand in hand.

  • A true indicator of understanding is being able to apply it in various contexts, for which adequate practice is the precursor.

Practice and Homework

  • Your child does approximately 100 practice problems in every concept.

  • Every concept has word problems that focus on application, and help improve language comprehension.

Explore our curriculum

Take a brief look at how we teach each of the major concepts in the formative years of the student.


The concept of Multiplication is introduced through an already familiar concept– addition.

Children see a simpler way of writing a number that is repeatedly added.

After the concept is introduced, the notation is brought in as a way of simplifying writing.

This is followed by more visuals, that explain grouping and counting, eventually moving to the dot array to better interpret multiplication.

Once the need for multiplication tables is built, the child moves to practicing multiplication problems and eventually to contextual and application problems.

A Revolutionary Online Math Course That Will Make Your Child Enjoy Learning Math

Every child possesses  some unique talent which needs to be discovered so that they  can make good use of it while growing up. As guardians, we should ensure that children get the required motivation and appropriate training which will help them to flourish in life. When it comes to their academics, it is Math where they tend to struggle the most. Therefore, the perfect solution to this problem is enrolling them for an efficient online Math course. 

Since schools have to deal with a lot of children, it becomes a tedious task for the teachers to interact with them individually and identify their problems. It is because of this lack of personalised attention that children start losing interest in Math and develop a strong dislike for it. But, with an online  Math program , they will be introduced to a fun-filled aspect of the subject and will fall in love with it.

This is where Cuemath steps in with its effective program which has been designed to help children overcome their mathematical anxiety . It is an effective online Math course which is guaranteed to yield positive results.

Wondering if you should let your child study online? Read on to find out:

  1. Strengthening The Basic Foundation:

To be able to excel in something, it is very important to have a strong and clear idea about its basics. Therefore, at Cuemath, we focus on giving children a practical  knowledge of the basics in Math as it will help them to grasp the more advanced topics without having to struggle. It is a very systematic approach and it makes the process of learning a lot more convenient for children. 

  1. Learn Math Online And Its Benefits As A Life Skill:

Along with scoring good grades in Math examinations, children also need to learn the utility of Math in real life. Through our teaching methods, we ensure that they get the best learning experience and the motivation to apply Math topics in practical situations. This not only boosts their confidence but also shows them the various fascinating aspects of the subject that were unknown to them until now.

  1. Active Learning:

On a platform where children need to study online, it is essential for them to be able to think out of the box and not depend on others for creativity. Through our active learning method, we encourage children to come up with their own ideas and develop their individual understanding of Math. This allows them to discover things on their own and they don’t feel scared to take risks or make mistakes, because that is how they  learn the best.

  1. Online Math Course Which Provides In-Depth Practice:

Without proper and regular practice, any individual can lose proficiency in their  skills. Hence, we make sure that children undergo thorough practice after completing each Math lesson. The questions that they solve are primarily focused on the application of the subject in various situations, thereby giving them a crystal clear idea of what each lesson is about. In this way, they can remember the explanations for a long time and get their concepts cleared.

children have suffered due to the lack of proper guidance or the knowledge to be able to deal with Math. But now, since they will learn Math online with us, we will  change that.

Our flexible teaching methods are carefully designed so that children can become accustomed to them and start enjoying the process of learning. Topics like Algebra, Fractions and Decimals and so on are included in our curriculum which is covered in the formative years of school. 

We promise that children will never have to face any trouble and they will have a joyous experience of learning Math. So, choose this opportunity for your child to study online and to become a genius in Math with Cuemath.