My daughter Olivia has attended Cuemath classes for two consecutive years. I cannot express in words how much I have been pleased with the Cuemath program. Her Cuemath teacher has excellent communication skills and a good understanding of children. She genuinely cares about my daughter and is helping her to make progress in math. I am sure that she will be a greater support for my daughter when she will have to do even tougher math in her higher classes.
- William Smith
, Father Of Olivia, (Grade 6) | Toronto, Ontario - Canada
I have an extremely high opinion about the Cuemath program as I have closely watched my son Logan transition from being weak in math to being remarkably good after attending the online math classes of Cuemath. The program is remarkably well structured, and it even covers all the topics that are included in the math syllabus of schools in Canada. The program generated the interest of Logan regarding mathematics which his earlier tuition classes at FirstTutors Canada could not.
- Thomas Boucher
, Father Of Logan, (Grade 2) | St. John's, Newfoundland - Canada
The biggest testimonial of the effectiveness of the Cuemath program is that I do not have to push my daughter Sofia to do mathematics anymore. As a child studying in Grade 3, we never expected her to show so much improvement in her math performance after joining the online classes of Cuemath but the efforts that her Cuemath teacher has put has worked wonders for her. I can confidently recommend the Cuemath program to every parent in Canada.
- Ava Wilson
, Mother Of Sophia, (Grade 3) | Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada
I have been incredibly impressed with the standard of online teaching provided by Cuemath and the effectiveness of the Cuemath program. I deeply appreciate the creativity and enthusiasm with which her Cuemath teacher has taught her every single day. She has now got a deep interest in math and spends a lot of her free time in solving the math gyms provided by Cuemath. She is very fond of her Cuemath teacher and never misses her classes.
- Liam Gagnon
, Father Of Charlotte, (Grade 5) | Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada
The support of the Cuemath teacher has been outstanding for our son. The teacher is always willing to try new teaching techniques to help my son to understand math clearly, that too at his own pace. She also values my inputs and makes me a part of the teaching process. I am also quite upbeat about the practical oriented teaching style of Cuemath. It is quite unique and I feel that every child who is afraid of math should benefit from it.
- Sadie Brown
, Mother Of Jacob, (Grade 6) | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island - Canada