I was never good at mathematics and could never secure good marks in my math exams. My parents too had lost hope on me. But when I joined the online classes of Cuemath, my teacher helped me regain my confidence and made me believe that I can also secure good marks in this subject. I have got my hopes back again. I thank my teacher for providing such brilliant guidance to me and for helping me to increase my interest in this subject.
- Felix Martin
, (Grade 2) | Quebec City, Quebec - Canada
I find the Cuemath program to be highly interesting and all the math concepts become so clear when my Cuemath teacher explains them to me. Even the most difficult math concepts seem so easy when she teaches me. She takes a personal interest in my progress and guides me to solve the math problems by giving hints. My fear of mathematics has vanished totally, and I find math to be the most interesting among all the subjects I study in my school now.
- Emma Macdonald
, (Grade 10) | Calgary, Alberta - Canada
I was very weak in mathematics from Grades 1 to 5 and never enjoyed studying it. But after I joined the online Cuemath classes in Grade 6, my marks started improving steadily. My Cuemath teacher teaches me math in an amazing way and works hard to enhance my knowledge of math. She first made my understanding of the math fundamentals clear and is teaching the advanced topics now. I have done well in many mathematics competitions after I joined her Cuemath classes.
- Emily Jones
, (Grade 7) | Ottawa, Ontario - Canada
Cuemath helped me to learn the math concepts from scratch. I love to learn math online from my teacher using the math blocks, toys, games and activities developed by Cuemath. These help me to really understand the concepts clearly. Now I can do additions and subtractions without making any mistakes. My Cuemath teacher is truly kind, and I really like her. She never scolds me and claps when I do my math problems correctly. I always look forward to learning math from her.
- Samuel Boucher
, (Grade 3) | Whitehorse, Yukon - Canada
I have had a nice experience with Cuemath. I was very afraid of math earlier and became nervous whenever I heard the word mathematics. But joining the online math classes of Cuemath worked like a miracle. My Cuemath teacher really made me understand how interesting math is. She gave me projects and assignments which I took seriously and put a lot of effort into doing them. She made me proficient in mathematics and now I get much better marks in my exams.
- Scarlett Ferguson
, (Grade 6) | Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Canada