I had a great experience learning math online with the Cuemath program. My Cuemath teacher was highly knowledgeable and patiently taught me various methods & concepts that aided my learning. She gave me full attention during the online class and compiled all the equations and formulae for my easy reference. She also helped me to do a quick revision before my math exams. With her guidance, all the Math problems seem easy enough for me to work out.
- Emma Schmitz
, (Grade 2) | Berlin - Germany
Lots of thanks to Cuemath for helping me to pass my school exam with a great score. My Cuemath tutor is not just my teacher, but my friend too. She is such a kind-hearted woman that I am grateful to her. She has helped me to prepare for the final exam and taught me how to solve the Math problems. She has played an important role in the remarkable improvement in my math score this year.
- Lucas Schulze
, (Grade 8) | Essen - Germany
I would like to express my appreciation to Cuemath for its well established and unique style of teaching. Cuemath’s approach of practical learning is wonderful and I was able to learn a lot by using its teaching tools and participating in its different activities. My tutor ensures that I apply all the concepts that I have learned in the class while solving the math problems. After attending my Cuemath class, I am able to remember all the math concepts and can solve the problems easily.
- Tobias Schwarz
, (Grade 4) | Duisburg - Germany
My experience with Cuemath has been wonderful. The explanations of the Math concepts by my Cuemath teacher were great. The extra activities that she made me participate helped me understand the basics behind each concept of Math. The guidance provided by my online tutor was immensely helpful. The best thing about Cuemath online classes is that we can take them at a time of our convenience, and the tutors are there to help solve our doubts. Thank you Cuemath for helping me improve my knowledge on the subject.
- Anna Möller
, (Grade 3) | Wiesbaden - Germany
I got to know about Cuemath through one of my friends. I will say my decision to study at Cuemath was correct and it has helped me a lot. Cuemath gave me the confidence and determination to score good marks in my school exams. The tutor has given me many practical examples to help me understand the math concepts clearly. I was able to gain good knowledge and understanding of the subject thoroughly. I would strongly recommend Cuemath to the other students in Germany.
- Ben Jung
, (Grade 5) | Regensburg - Germany