What is the role of our online math tutors?

At Cuemath, we firmly believe that every kid can be great at math if they are exposed to the right way of learning math. The math tutors at Cuemath, all trained, certified and highly experienced, are dedicated towards helping every student unlock their true math potential.

Cue students to discover the right answer
Push boundaries of thinking of students
Instantly clarify any doubts that students may have

How do our tutors teach?

Live, online 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student in each class
Cue the student to find the right answer rather than spoon feeding it
Constantly evaluate learning plans and goals to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

How are our tutors different?

Our math tutors constantly challenge the students to become better at math. The tutors are trained not to give away the answers to the students but rather cue them in the right direction so that they discover the answer by themselves.

The dedicated tutor charts out a learning plan for each student by calibrating their current level and the learning goals.

Our tutors help students achieve their goals by always being available for 1:1 doubt clearing sessions and constantly sharing feedback with the students and parents about their strengths and weaknesses.

The online tutors from Cuemath are giving students in France the best math education they deserve.

Math is one of the most important subjects that your child will learn since it has an application in everything that we do in our lives. So it is important that your child acquires this essential life skill perfectly from a very early age.

Unfortunately many children in France develop a phobia about Mathematics due to ineffective and uninteresting teaching methods adopted in schools. Students constantly struggle with the subjects, and they are unable to score good marks in their examinations consistently. 

This is where the online tutors from Cuemath can help. Cuemath Tutors are specially trained to develop a proprietary math learning program for every student so that students of all ages can learn effectively and optimize their math knowledge and gain confidence.

Are you contemplating if your child needs some extra help with Math? Then look for the following signs to understand whether your child can benefit from the intervention of an online Math tutor from Cuemath. 

  1. Your child is consistently faring poorly in Math

If the math grades are consistently poor then it's time for you to think about getting some extra help for your child. An expert online math tutor from Cuemath can identify the exact problem that the child might be facing. The Cuemth tutor can take steps to resolve the problem and ensure that the performance improves. 

  1. Your child has a very busy schedule

Is your child having a very demanding schedule which makes it impossible for you to take him/her to a classroom-based teaching center? Hiring online tutors from Cuemath can solve this problem very easily.  

Cuemath has a large team of online tutors in France, many of who can match the time for your child. Cuemath online classes can be conducted during that period. Thus you will save time on traveling to a classroom-based teaching facility and your child also can learn math from the comfort of the home.

  1. Your child needs help in a particular area of Math 

Is your child good at Algebra but needs help with Geometry? There are many students who love one area of Mathematics but are incompatible with another. Hence if you are looking for specialized help in a particular area of Math for your child then the live tutors from Cuemath can help. Cuemath tutors will guide your child through the weak area and augment their skills. You will soon start to see their  Math grades improve.

  1.  You child never felt so enthusiastic about numbers

Does your child find numbers to be scary or is every math class an endlessly boring ordeal? Online tutors from Cuemath have helped many children make Mathematics fun & interesting.  The tutors help students discover the fascinating world of math & ensure that they travel enthusiastically through the Math world, discovering the magic of algebra, geometry, trigonometry.

  1. You child is doing well in numbers but can do better

Even children who are doing well in math can really benefit from having live tutors who can nurture their talent and help them grow. The online tutors from Cuemath are specially trained to handle children who are gifted and they will give your child the extra edge in math that he/she deserves.

 About the Cuemath program

Cuermath is a renowned Math learning company that truly believes that the best way to teach Math to children is through the ‘learning by doing’ approach. This proprietary Math learning program has been developed by Cuemath following this principle at every step. That is why hiring online math tutors from Cuemath is much more effective than hiring one from other providers like apprentus.com and Preply.  

Our live tutors will truly treat your child as one of their own and teach math with true love and care. To know more about the program contact us now.