Since joining the Cuemath classes my daughter has developed in so many ways. She is more confident and interested in her studies and looks forward to attending the online Cuemath classes eagerly. The overall growth in her math knowledge has pleasantly surprised me since when she used to attend the classes at Apprentus and Preply earlier, she did not show any improvement at all. Now she has a good knowledge of math and solved her math exam papers quite confidently.
- Cecile Garnier
, Mother Of Estelle, (Grade 7) | Lille - France
The most remarkable thing I find in the Cuemath program is the practical oriented approach with which it teaches mathematics to the students. The Cuemath teacher gave my son a good understanding of math using presentations, videos and practical various practical activities. She also made him understand how the knowledge of math should be used not only to solve math problems but in real life as well. Adam’s logical reasoning analytical skills have also improved significantly after attending her classes.
- Gabriel Rousseau
, Father Of Adam, (Grade 5) | Nice - France
I can recommend Cuemath to everyone for several reasons. Firstly, the learning by doing methodology of Cuemath is immensely powerful and. Effective secondly the Cuemath tutor is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and I like her style of teaching immensely. Thirdly my daughter had to participate in various practical activities, solve puzzles and answer questions during the classes. These went a long way in clearing her understanding of math and she is now performing exceedingly well in her school examinations.
- Jules Garcia
, Father Of Alison, (Grade 6) | Toulouse - France
My daughter Betty has a sharp mind and I decided to enrol her in the online math courses of Cuemath 2 years ago to give her a good knowledge of math right from her childhood. Her Cuemath teacher is exceptionally skilled at handling children and she teaches the Cuemath program to Bette with a lot of dedication I love. She has made Bette comfortable with math by making her learning experience as fun as possible with the Cuemath program.
- Arthur Roux
, Father Of Bette, (Grade 3) | Le Havre - France
I have seen a remarkable improvement in the mathematical skills of my son Paul after joining the online Cuemath classes. He is a shy child who had a lot of difficulty in expressing his problems with his math teacher in school. However, his Cuemath teacher has made him feel comfortable in her presence and Paul never hesitates to share his difficulties with her. She has improved his knowledge and confidence levels and he is doing much better in his math exams now.
- Adrianna Martinez
, Mother Of Paul, (Grade 8) | Paris - France