I love to learn math from Cuemath. My teacher is very friendly, and I feel very comfortable in her presence. She teaches me the math lessons with a lot of care and makes me play with various math games in her classes. I never feel that I am attending class and feel very nice when I see her online. I always tell my friends that if they also want to learn math properly, they should join a Cuemath class.
- Ella Lefebvre
, (Grade 2) | Lyon - France
I recommend Cuemath to anyone who is looking for learning math in a fun way through lots of practical activities. Initial while joining the online math class I thought that it would be a scary experience for me. However, I found my Cuemath teacher very knowledgeable and helpful. She teaches me math in a simple way and answers my queries with a big smile. I find her online classes to be amazing and never feel tired or bored while learning math.
- Adele Dupont
, (Grade 5) | Nantes - France
My father got me enrolled in the online math classes of Cuemath since I never enjoyed learning math in my school. I must say that the situation changed drastically after that. My Cuemath teacher made me recognize how interesting math is and made me understand that I will need to use math throughout my life due to her relentless efforts I started doing well and have secure the first position in math in my class in the last examination.
- Louis Martinez
, (Grade 8) | Marseille - France
I had enrolled in the online classes of Cuemath since I plan to appear in several competitive exams later in my life and want my math knowledge to be as strong as possible. My Cuemath teacher first assessed my current math knowledge started improving it with the Cuemath program. She also made me solve math problems regularly to improve my speed and accuracy. Due to her, I am more confident now and bye math exam results have improved remarkably.
- Raphael Fournier
, (Grade 9) | Strasbourg - France
Though I never had difficulty in understanding math, I could never apply the knowledge correctly while solving math problems. After joining the online math classes of Cuemath I have been solving math problems and puzzles under the guidance of my Cuemath teacher. She also taught me various tips and tricks and showed me multiple ways of solving math problems. Now I am happy to say that I have overcome all my problems and the whole credit for this achievement goes to Cuemath.
- Camille Chevalier
, (Grade 6) | Rennes - France