Grade 3 Maths

Children by Grade 2 are quite familiar with numbers and the way numbers work. It is in Grade 3 that kids get introduced to new concepts like fractions, lines and polygons. They also learn to read and understand time in 24-hour format. Concepts like fractions and lines and polygons form the basis of understanding higher grade concepts like operating with fractions, interpreting graphs. Understanding the concepts of area and perimeter, volume. At the end of Grade 3 children will be able to calculate mentally and understand concepts on paper with little help from physical objects.

Four Digit Numbers

  • An Introduction to 4-Digit Numbers
  • Working with 4-Digit Numbers
  • Parity and Ordinality
  • Addition and Subtraction

  • Addition and Subtraction of 4-Digit Numbers
  • Mental Arithmetic
  • Multiplication and Division

  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Properties and Ideas
  • Introduction to Fractions

  • Fractions — A Visual Introduction
  • Understanding Fractions
  • Time

  • Time
  • Lines and Polygons

  • Lines, Segments, and Rays
  • Polygons and Circles
  • Measurement

  • Measurement of Length
  • Measurement of Weight and Capacity
  • Scaled Pictographs

  • Scaled Pictographs
  • Revision of topics

  • All Topics