What is the role of our online math tutors?

At Cuemath, we firmly believe that every kid can be great at math if they are exposed to the right way of learning math. The math tutors at Cuemath, all trained, certified and highly experienced, are dedicated towards helping every student unlock their true math potential.

Cue students to discover the right answer
Push boundaries of thinking of students
Instantly clarify any doubts that students may have

How do our tutors teach?

Live, online 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student in each class
Cue the student to find the right answer rather than spoon feeding it
Constantly evaluate learning plans and goals to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

How are our tutors different?

Our math tutors constantly challenge the students to become better at math. The tutors are trained not to give away the answers to the students but rather cue them in the right direction so that they discover the answer by themselves.

The dedicated tutor charts out a learning plan for each student by calibrating their current level and the learning goals.

Our tutors help students achieve their goals by always being available for 1:1 doubt clearing sessions and constantly sharing feedback with the students and parents about their strengths and weaknesses.

Witness Your Child Fall in Love With Math With Support From Our Skilled Online Tutors:

The world we live in is fast-paced and in order to be successful in life, one needs to constantly keep learning new skills. Following redundant methods will eventually lead to a loss of productivity and result in poor performance. If you agree with this, then you will also agree with the fact that children also require modern and progressive methods of studying if they have to secure good grades in their results and succeed in life.

As we all know, Mathematics is a subject which most students across the world consider to be intimidating or incomprehensible. This is because it involves a lot of calculations and once children develop a fear for it, it becomes very difficult to get them out of that zone. Although there are teachers who put in every effort to guide their students in this matter, there are teachers who are not able to address the issues of their students properly. 

But, with Cuemath by your child’s side, you will never have to think about these problems. We are bringing our online Math tutors in the United Kingdom who will be your child’s constant support in this entire process and make him/her aware of their potential in the subject. 

Here are some points that set us apart from the other online Math learning programs:

  1. Personalised Teaching:

At Cuemath, we teach in a personalised way which makes it easier for students to understand the different Math lessons. A live tutor will be continuously monitoring your child’s unique requirements and the problems that he/she faces while solving questions. Then the tutor will devise a teaching style based on your child’s capacity and help him/her to absorb the Math topics efficiently.

  1. Conceptual Learning:

Unlike most other Math tutorials, we encourage our students to focus on the logic behind each topic rather than theoretical knowledge. This method is very effective in making students realise the practical value of Math and they soon begin to apply it in real-life situations. Our online tutors are trained and certified to handle kids of different learning abilities, customise the experience and make kids fall in love with math. 

so that they can extract the best out of each student and make him/her an expert in solving questions.

  1. Learning By Doing:

This is the philosophy that our teachers follow while teaching Math. They take the help of various objects and tools such as CR cards and Mathbox to motivate students to demonstrate the topics in class rather than just memorise information from textbooks. When students are young, they learn better when they are given the opportunity to practically experiment whatever is being taught in the class. Our online Math tutor will ensure that your child gets the scope to be creative and learn Math in an unconventional way.

  1. Real-Life Benefits:

Our main motto is to help students overcome their fear of Math and instil confidence in them where they can use these topics in real life. Along with helping your child to sharpen his/her Math skills, our online tutors will also teach them that Math is not just a subject, but a way of life. They will learn to explore the subject beyond numbers and realise that it is indeed a fascinating subject.

Although there are Math-learning programs in the UK such as Tutorwiz, our approach to even the simplest things is very different from others. We treat each student with a lot of patience and give them the additional care which is needed to grow fond of a subject. Our online tutor will ensure that your child feels comfortable while learning from a stranger and helps him/her grow up into logical individuals. Here, students don’t feel burdened, rather they look forward to learning new things and show genuine interest.

We consider each child to be unique and we help them to retain that individuality while they are in the process of becoming great at Math.