Before joining the online classes of Cuemath my daughter used to get scared at the very thought of learning mathematics. This used to reflect in the poor mark she used to get in math consistently however once I got her enrolled in the Cuemath program things changed drastically. The Cuemath teacher doesn’t just teach her math but takes a personal interest in her development. She has single-handedly improved the math performance of my daughter and now I feel proud of her.
- Henry Agustin
, Father of Angkasa, (Grade 8) | Jakarta - Indonesia
Cuemath has helped my son tremendously in learning mathematics. Though he was able to understand the math concepts he was unable to solve the math problems correctly. The ‘learning by doing’ teaching methodology of Cuemath has helped him to overcome this problem totally. His Cuemath teacher has helped him to connect the theory of math with its application and makes him solve math problems every day. He is now doing much better in math and it has become his favourite subject.
- Aulia Pratama
, Mother of Intan, (Grade 6) | Mataram City - Indonesia
Cuemath is an innovative, informative and excellent online math education program. It has made learning math simple and interesting for my son and his concepts are improving day-by-day. I feel that the activity-based teaching approach of Cuemath works wonders for children. My son is showing a remarkable improvement in his analytical skills too, and his motivation to do well has also increased. All credit for this goes to Cuemath and the dedication and hard work put in by the Cuemath teacher.
- Darma Prabowo
, Father of Farrell, (Grade 2) | Jayapura - Indonesia
Before joining the online math classes of Cuemath, we used to see our son struggle with his math every day. After seeing his poor marks in math, we almost concluded that math was not for him. However, Cuemath has certainly changed his life. The Cuemath teacher meticulously strengthened his understanding of math and gave him the confidence that he always lacked. He has now completely overcome is earlier weakness and the marks in his school math examinations have also improved remarkably.
- Adiratna Wardhania
, Mother of Adhiarja, (Grade 6) | Pelambang - Indonesia
Though my daughter understood mathematics, she could never get good marks in her math exams. We initially enrolled her in the math classes held by Apprentus but she showed no improvement. However once we enrolled her in the online math classes of Cuemath, the teacher spent a lot of time in understanding her problems and took specific steps to increase her speed and accuracy levels. Now my daughter finished her math exams on time and has no difficulty in scoring good marks in math.
- Aulia Mynard
, Mother of Diann, (Grade 2) | Padang - Indonesi