I would like to thank my Cuemath teacher for helping me learn math in a fascinating way. I was never a brilliant student and got poor marks in my school math exams consistently. My Cuemath teacher explained it in such a nice way that I am now able to understand the math problems clearly and can solve them on my own. The Cuemath classes have helped me to steadily increase my marks in exams and have started loving math now.
- Kevin Diamira
, (Grade 7) | Manado - Indonesia
The Cuemath program has been immensely helpful for me. My Cuemath teacher always starts the online classes on time and gives personal attention to me. She always explains the mathematical concepts in such a simple way that I find it very easy to understand and remember all the formulas properly. She also conducts exams frequently to understand how well I am improving. I am thankful to Cuemath for the learning. Now I understand the math concepts much better and my confidence has also grown.
- Candrawasih Siswanto
, (Grade 3) | Pekanbaru - Indonesia
Cuemath is perfect for understanding math concepts which we often do not understand in our school. My Cuemath Cuemath teacher makes math so much easy for me. She clears all my doubts in the online classes and I am never afraid to ask her to help me whenever I face any problems. Thank you Cuemath and my teacher for giving me such a good knowledge of math by explaining the math concepts in a simple and fun way.
- Amanda Raulina
, (Grade 8) | Bekasi - Indonesia
The Cuemath program is the best educational program for learning mathematics. Our Cuemath teacher is so hardworking that she keeps on explaining the concepts and makes me solve problems until I get a good understanding of it. She has the amazing capability to instantly understand if I do not understand certain topics, even when I don’t tell my problem to her. She then explains it in many different ways until I understand it thoroughly. My math results have improved remarkably after attending her classes.
- Amirah Fadhlika
, (Grade 10) | Makassar - Indonesia
I love the Cuemath program and I wish I had enrolled in its online math classes much earlier. I was weak in math throughout my childhood and no one could really help me apart from my Cuemath teacher. She is very friendly and never gets impatient even if I take the time to understand the math concepts or ask her too many questions. She explains the concepts with the same enthusiasm, which makes me try harder to excel in math.
- Ahmad Romadhoni
, (Grade 6) | Surabaya - Indonesia