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K-6 is a formative phase, where the foundation needs to be strongly built. Unfortunately, most children do not get the right exposure, guidance and support to build a strong base and leap ahead.

The Cuemath Foundation Program addresses these gaps through our online program and helps students build a strong math foundation.

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Focus on Memorisation/Rote-Learning

  • Learning in formative years should be visual; not drill based

  • An understanding of the concept ensures long lasting retention

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Focus on ‘Why’ over ‘What’

  • The need for the concept is brought out instead of merely presenting yet another math topic.

  • Simulations and visuals help explain a concept.

  • Mental math becomes easy to do once the concept is understood and solving strategies can be formed.

Passive Learning

  • Children need to learn actively by doing, not by seeing a teacher do it or watching a video.

  • Passive learning provides limited information about student learning, and results in surface processing instead of deep learning.

Active Learning

  • Research suggests active learning improves critical thinking, increases retention, sparks creative thinking and encourages risk taking.

  • Your child discovers new things as they go ahead, creating many ‘Aha’ moments for themselves along their journey, through carefully calibrated questions.

No 1:1 attention

  • 1:1 attention ensures that the child is helped and guided at the exact time that it is required.

  • Timely intervention ensures that misconceptions are nipped in the bud.

Personalized Attention

  • The teacher is constantly monitoring your child.

  • She intervenes to rectify errors.

  • Your child can ask for help at any point during the session for instant support.

Lack of practice

  • Understanding a concept and practicing it go hand in hand.

  • A true indicator of understanding is being able to apply it in various contexts, for which adequate practice is the precursor.

Practice and Homework

  • Your child does approximately 100 practice problems in every concept.

  • Every concept has word problems that focus on application, and help improve language comprehension.

Explore our curriculum

Take a brief look at how we teach each of the major concepts in the formative years of the student.


The concept of Multiplication is introduced through an already familiar concept– addition.

Children see a simpler way of writing a number that is repeatedly added.

After the concept is introduced, the notation is brought in as a way of simplifying writing.

This is followed by more visuals, that explain grouping and counting, eventually moving to the dot array to better interpret multiplication.

Once the need for multiplication tables is built, the child moves to practicing multiplication problems and eventually to contextual and application problems.

Children in Sri Lanka are now learning Math in a fun way with online Math courses from Cuemath

Mathematics is a subject that is considered to be the most essential one. The knowledge of Mathematics that your child will gain during the school days will provide lifelong benefits to them. Having a good knowledge of Mathematics also helps in understanding science subjects.

As a parent, you will always like to ensure that your child gets the best Math education possible. Unfortunately, many parents in Sri Lanka cannot teach Math to their children due to a lack of time, knowledge, or even the necessary teaching skills. If you so are also facing a similar problem, then the best option is to get your child enrolled in a supplementary Math course, and maybe even try out online learning platforms.

Cuemath has developed an excellent online math course to help children in Sri Lanka learn Math in a very fun and enjoyable way. The goal of Cuemath is to make children from across the world great at Math and the program is now available for the children of Sri Lanka as well.

The Cuemath program is unique in many ways. Here are some reasons why children from across the world love to learn Math online with our Cuemath teachers.

Complete focus is on practical learning

We believe that learning Math is impossible without knowing the practical application of the knowledge gained. Hence, while teaching the online Math course, our Cuemath teachers always make the students participate in various quizzes, worksheet solving stations, and practical activities. They not ensure that the students learn Math online in a fun way but also give them enough knowledge and confidence to solve the Math problems independently

Innovative Math learning tools

The dynamic team of Cuemath is always in the pursuit of making Math learning as interesting as possible. They continuously innovate and develop fascinating Math learning tools with which the Cuemath teachers use teach students math online. These tools include the Math manipulatives, various workbooks, tab-based exercises, CR cards, and a Math gym which the students solve at home every day. No other online Math course has a variety of tools that Cuemath provides and new tools are being added to this list every day. The students love to learn Math with these innovative tools and the Cuemath teachers just make their learning more fun!

Alignment with the school syllabus

The entire online Math course of Cuemath is aligned with the syllabus of Mathematics taught in various schools in Sri Lanka. Hence your child will find it very easy to learn Math online from this course and will not have to pursue any separate tutorials to their school syllabus.

Specially trained teachers

The Cuemath teachers are specially trained to teach Mathematics to children of varied ages and boost their knowledge levels. At Cuemath, we have a clear understanding of the problems that students of Sri Lanka face while learning Math. Our online Math teachers are always ready to help the students to overcome those problems with their vast knowledge and unique skills of imparting education to children.;

Personalized attention

The students also get personalized attention from the teacher while they study online and can ask as many questions as required to get a clear knowledge on the Math topics. This personalized attention from the teachers ensures that the students can learn Math online in the best possible way and eventually excel in the subject.

By getting your child in this highly acclaimed online Math course you can be sure that you are giving them the best Math education possible. We have always received enthusiastic responses from the students and their parents regarding this course and we are confident that your child will also gain immensely from the nuggets of knowledge that the Cuemath teacher will provide while making teaching math online.