Jayanta is a smart kid and was faring well in Mathematics till class 5. This year, the complexity of the Mathematics course increased, and I saw Jayantha avoiding Math homework at times. I learned from one of his tests that he was not very clear about the concepts that were being taught in schools. After trying a couple of home tutors, I signed him up for Cuemath online classes. Jayantha now completes Math homework before other subjects and his Math grades have improved considerably.
- Kelly D’Souza
, Mother of Jayantha, (Grade 6) | Colombo - Sri Lanka
Mekala has been showing tremendous interest in Math and is an excellent performer. I observed that her scores were considerably higher than that of her classmates. Instantly realizing her capabilities, I signed her up with an instructor from Cuemath to hone her special skills. Mr. Kumar from Cuemath online tutorials is heling Mekala solve the problems that class 9 students are solving. She will now appear for state competitive examinations, thanks to the help of Cuemath instructors.
- Smita Rajanayake
, Mother of Mekala, (Grade 8) | Galle - Sri Lanka
I am a single father to Manisha, and like many other fathers, I was not able to dedicate time to her studies. Manisha was performing well in the languages and social sciences but her Mathematical skills lacked a certain speed and confidence. After trying a couple of coaching centers in Kandy, I realized that she needed personal attention. A friend recommended me Cuemath tutors for personalized Math coaching, and I am surprised why I did not try Cuemath before! Manisha gets all the time she needs to clear her concepts and is very confident in what she solves/ answers.
- Aasif Shihamudeen
, Father of Manisha, (Grade 3) | Kandy - Sri Lanka
Sabeetha had developed a fear of Mathematics while she was learning it in school. Over the last 2-3 years, I have tried many tutorial options for her, right from personal coaching to extra classes in school to online tutorials with Kumon, but nothing has fared well for her like learning from Ms. Rekha, her Cuemath instructor. Sabeetha is not only learned everything in the class 5 curriculum, but she has also gone ahead to learn concepts from class 6. Seeing her excited before Cuemath’s online tutorials makes me immensely happy! I would recommend Cuemath online Math tutorials to everyone in Sri Lanka.
- Ashiq Niyas
, Father of Sabeetha, (Grade 5) | Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka
Our family moved from India this year, and the biggest change has been for my daughter, Shaneela. She joined a school with a different curriculum, and the transition in Mathematics has been the hardest for her. Shaneela was not able to keep pace with what was being taught in school, and we even considered moving back to India. I took up a parent orientation with Cuemath after hearing from someone at work, and I registered for Shaneela immediately. Even though a couple of concepts were taught in school already, Mr. Nair from Cuemath online tutorials suggested that Shaneela learn everything from scratch. His guidance has helped Shaneela pick up the pace and learn at par with others in the class.
- Abhishek Hariharan
, Father of Shaneela, (Grade 9) | Colombo - Sri Lanka