What is the Cuemath philosophy?

At Cuemath, we believe that math is a life-skill. We encourage students to learn math by reasoning so that they have strong conceptual knowledge and retain their math skills for life.

Math has to be learnt through reasoning and not memorizing
Math concepts have to be applied to real life situations to appreciate them better
Math is learnt better with personal attention from a teacher

How is our learning system different?

Our learning system is designed with the aim of ensuring that students develop an extensive understanding of concepts while being engaged and enthusiastic. Some of the highlights are:

How has the Cuemath curriculum been designed?

The Cuemath curriculum has been designed by experts from the IIT and Cambridge University keeping students’ learning psychology in mind. The curriculum is highly personalized for each student according to their learning needs and progress.

Visually intuitive learning system
Deep focus on application of concepts
Students are encouraged to build their own mental models