What is the role of our online math tutors?

At Cuemath, we firmly believe that every kid can be great at math if they are exposed to the right way of learning math. The math tutors at Cuemath, all trained, certified and highly experienced, are dedicated towards helping every student unlock their true math potential.

Cue students to discover the right answer
Push boundaries of thinking of students
Instantly clarify any doubts that students may have

How do our tutors teach?

Live, online 1:1 whiteboard sessions with the student in each class
Cue the student to find the right answer rather than spoon feeding it
Constantly evaluate learning plans and goals to ensure learning outcomes are achieved

How are our tutors different?

Our math tutors constantly challenge the students to become better at math. The tutors are trained not to give away the answers to the students but rather cue them in the right direction so that they discover the answer by themselves.

The dedicated tutor charts out a learning plan for each student by calibrating their current level and the learning goals.

Our tutors help students achieve their goals by always being available for 1:1 doubt clearing sessions and constantly sharing feedback with the students and parents about their strengths and weaknesses.

Online math tutors from Cuemath are helping children in the Netherlands excel in their learning

Math is one of the most interesting and useful subjects that one can learn in their lifetime. However, due to various reasons, millions of children across the Netherlands struggle learning Math and never get a solid hold on it.

Are you seeing your child struggle with Math every day in school and at home? If yes, then it is time for you to connect with an expert online math tutor from Cuemath who can help the child in marvelous ways.

Why should you choose an online math tutor?

Are you wondering why to choose an online live tutor instead of sending your child to a regular classroom-based math teaching program, or maybe enrolling them to a recorded e-learning course? Before you finalize on what to do, check out why we suggest going the online live tutor way:

  1. An online math tutor can help your child learn better

As a parent, you must be very uncomfortable in seeing your child struggle with math every day. At Cuemath, we understand this very well. Our math course was developed after talking to parents in the Netherlands for thousands of hours. This has helped us understand the problems that the children face and we have taken the utmost care to ensure that our program resolves all of those. 

  1.  You need a live tutor to understand your child's problem and solve them

One of the key benefits of opting for the Cuemath program is the personalized learning that we offer. The online math tutor assigned to your child will understand your learning needs and then use online tools and practical activities to give the child a strong math foundation. All of these proprietory techniques will help the child throughout his/her lifetime.

  1. Online tutors provide a holistic learning

Most school children in the Netherlands complain of not being able to get a complete understanding of Mathematics due to the fragmented learning approach in schools.  That is why the online tutors from Cuemath build the math concepts from the ground up and ensure that children do not have any difficulty in understanding the intermediate and advanced level math concepts in school.

  1. Your child may find it difficult to learn math in a classroom environment

Many children feel very shy to ask questions to the teacher in the presence of the other students in a classroom. If your child is facing this problem as well, then online tutoring is the way to go!

  1. You don't have the time to take your child to a classroom coaching 

A general consensus from our research in the Netherlands showed us that parents did not have the time to escort their child to a coaching center. This is where the online tutors of Cuemath can come in very handy. Online classes do not require you to travel anywhere and your child can learn from the comfort of his/her home. The flexible timings that the live tutors of Cuemath will offer you will make your and your child's life much simpler.

About The Cuemath Program

Cuemath has been instrumental in developing a revolutionary math training program that has already helped children from across the world. The program is  now available in the Netherlands, and you have a chance to be one of the early adopters. Getting an online math tutor from Cuemath is very different from getting one for the other Learnpick, Spires, and Classgap since Cuemath tutors teach the concepts in a scientific way using the time tested curriculum and learning aids developed by Cuemath. 

Cuemath online tutors will teach math to your child with a lot of love and care so that her/she no longer feels afraid of the subject anymore. Your children will soon feel confident in solving  math concepts, and the coaching will help prepare them for achieving excellence in math.