My son Jasper has been attending the online math classes of Cuemath since 2018. My experience with Cuemath has been extraordinarily good so far. The Cuemath teacher follows the play-way method of teaching the Cuemath program in the class. this approach is very effective and has had an immensely positive effect on the math skills of my son. Jasper is now more confident and knowledgeable about math and his grades in the school exams are also improving constantly.
- Dylan Jansse
, Father of Jasper, (Grade 3) | Limburg - Netherlands
I am the proud mother of Hugo, a student of Cuemath in the Netherlands. Hugo had never been good at math but since joining the Cuemath class, his math knowledge has improved noticeably. The Cuemath teacher always teaches mathematics to him in a relaxed way so that he never feels intimidated with the complexities of math. Hugo is now more confident than the other children in his class and rarely faces any difficulties in solving math problems on his own.
- Yara Bakker
, Mother of Hugo, (Grade 5) | Friesland - Netherlands
Clearly, my husband and I made the correct choice when we decided to get our daughter Sophie enrolled in a Cuemath class. Her tutor teaches the Cuemath program with a lot of dedication and care using a combination of lectures, discussions, quizzes and practical activities. Apart from giving Sophie a good knowledge of math, she also tries to improve her logical reasoning and analytical skills to give her a very strong and secured future.
- Milou Van de Berg
, Mother of Sophie, (Grade 6) | Utrecht - Netherlands
I got my son Rohan enrolled in a Cuemath math class in early 2019 and I am proud to say that his academics truly improved since then. The superb knowledge that he has got from his Cuemath teacher is helping him to do well not only in math but in other subjects too. She is always very accessible and supportive and has truly made Roan fall in love by overcoming his fear of it. I highly recommend the Cuemath program to every child in Netherland.
- Olivier Van Dijk
, Father of Roan, (Grade 2) | Utrecht - Netherlands
My son Adam used to be an average student of math earlier, but after joining Cuemath, he is now at the top of his class. Before choosing Cuemath, I evaluated many other online tutorials like Classgap and LearnPick, but none came close to the Cuemath program in terms of the teaching methodology and program delivery. The Cuemath teacher teaches Adam with a lot of love and affection and always makes sure that he gets the best knowledge of math.
- Fay De Jong
, Mother of Adam, (Grade 3) | Zuid-Holland - Netherlands