I have struggled with math since my childhood as my understanding of the basic math concepts was not very clear. I came across the Cuemath program when I was looking for an online tutorial class where I could learn math easily at my own pace. Cuemath is a fascinating math learning program and I am having a lot of fun in learning math from my Cuemath teacher. My math grades have also started to improve steadily.
- Mila Willemsen
, (Grade 2) | Drenthe - Netherlands
Initially while joining the online math classes of Cuemath, I was very sceptical about whether the program will be right for me or not. However, my Cuemath tutor from Cuemath is wonderful and she really understands my problems very well. Her excellent way of explaining the math concepts and the wonderful practical activities that she makes me go through have really helped in increasing my math knowledge. I am now quite comfortable with math and no longer feel afraid of it.
- Daniël De Oude
, (Grade 5) | Utrecht - Netherlands)
The math program of Cuemath is fascinating and I enjoy every moment that I spend in learning math from my Cuemath teacher. She conducts the online Math classes at a time which is comfortable for me and puts a lot of effort into making me understand the maths concepts clearly. She also makes me participate in fascinating practical activities that make my learning complete. She is the best tutor ever and I don’t think I could have passed my final exam without her.
- Sarah Bergsma
, (Grade 6) | Gelderland - Netherlands
I have been studying at Cuemath since the last 6 months and their experience has been great so far. My Cuemath teacher is professional, helpful and, kind. I consider her to be my friend with whom I can share my math-related problems without any hesitation. She teaches the math topics at a pace that I am comfortable with and constantly motivates me to do well in math. If you want to learn mathematics really well, then you must join Cuemath.
- Vera Mulder
, (Grade 2) | Groningen - Netherlands
I find the program very interesting and it makes math really easy for me to understand. My Cuemath teacher loves me and treats me like her own daughter. She explains the math lessons to me in a simple way and lets me play math games whenever I want. She is like my friend who is ready to help me out whenever I face any difficulties. I really feel happy when I learn math from her and always look forward to her classes.
- Isabella Meijer
, (Grade 3) | Overijssel - Netherlands