I would like to thank Cuemath and my teacher for helping me understand math so clearly. I had always hated math and was on the verge of collapsing in this subject when my father enrolled me in the Cuemath class. My Cuemath teacher has developed my interest in math by clearly explaining the math lessons with various learning tools and practical activities developed by Cuemath. I feel much more confident now and can solve the math problems without anyone’s help.
- Jing Yi Lin
, (Grade 4) | Bukit Merah - Singapore
The math program of Cuemath is exceptional and I love to learn math from it. My Cuemath teacher is my guiding angel and she always puts her heart and soul into teaching math to me. I had no interest in math before I joined the Cuemath classes and got consistently low marks in it. I am thankful to my Cuemath teacher for making me learn math in such an interesting way and making me fall in love with it.
- Marquez Chan
, (Grade 6) | Tanglin - Singapore
It is such a great experience to learn Math from Cuemath. My Cuemath teacher is very caring and she always nicely explains the math lessons in a simple language, with a lot of examples. I find the Cuemath program super interesting. It has a lot of games, puzzles and activities which make math learning a lot of fun. Now I understand math much better and can solve the Math problems confidently. I look forward to gaining a lot of math knowledge from Cuemath in the future.
- Cherilyn Chong
, (Grade 5) | Thomson Road - Singapore
I find the math learning program of Cuemath remarkably interesting and I have a lot of fun in learning math with it. My Cuemath teacher makes math learning fun for me using the learning materials developed by Cuemath. She also makes me solve worksheets and tab-based exercises to test my knowledge. She repeats the lessons whenever I find any topic difficult and always helps me with a big smile on her face. I love my teacher and enjoy learning math from her.
- Xavier Wang
, (Grade 2) | Upper Thomson - Singapore
I was good at math till class 5, but somehow my grades dropped after that. My father was very worried and decided to enrol me in an online math class run by a Cuemath teacher. My knowledge and confidence levels have gone up significantly since then. My teacher identified the reason for my poor performance and used the amazing tools developed by Cuemath to make me overcome those. She is very friendly, and I love to learn math from her.
- Ker Jin Chen
, (Grade 7) | Pasir Panjang - Singapore