How will my child learn math through the Cuemath Online learning system?
The Cuemath online learning system is a digital replication of a classroom in the sense that there is a designated time at which your child needs to log in. Every Cuemath class is conducted in the presence of a Certified Cuemath Teaching Expert. Your child will receive personal attention in the class through the teacher who is available via a video or audio call.
A digital whiteboard, integrated into the learning experience allows the teacher to visually explain a concept to your child when needed which can be seen instantaneously in the system.
Apart from this, There are classwork sheets, homework sheets, and extra practice material. The program also has advanced sheets containing challenging questions that require out-of-the-box thinking and strategies to be solved, along with the application of concepts. Such questions help in building an evolved approach and logical ability in students.
What are the class duration and timings?
We have two Cuemath classes scheduled every week, for a duration of 40 mins for 1st-3rd graders and 50 mins each for 4th-8th graders
After completing the demo session, you will be sent a list of available slots of the teacher who conducted the demo. You are free to choose two days from that list, along with your convenient class times.
If the days and times mentioned do not work for you, then we will assign another teacher to you based on your requirement.
How can I get in touch with the teacher, if I have any doubts about the class or the curriculum?
You can be in touch with the teacher over Whatsapp and email for any curriculum and class-related queries that you may have.
You can also reach out to your designated Academic Counselor from Cuemath for other queries. They will be able to help you out in rescheduling classes, renewals, collecting feedback about the program, etc.
You can also connect with us at or call us at 9654757377.
What are the qualifications of the teacher teaching my child?
Our teachers have an average of 2+ years of teaching experience in the Cuemath India program and have spent more than 2500+ hours teaching math to students in grades 1-8. They undergo a rigorous training program for 3 months, involving a content and pedagogy test.
On clearing the test they have courses on online teaching, understanding the platform, connecting with the student, delivering a perfect class, etc. followed by an assessment test. Only on clearing this assessment they are inducted into this program.
Our teachers typically are graduates and postgraduates in Mathematics, Engineering, with some of them having a professional degree in education.
How is the syllabus and content of the Cuemath Online Learning Program?
Math is universal. The sequence of topics across the world is the same, whether the education system is in the UK (GSCE), US (Common Core) or CBSE in India. While Cuemath started out as a curriculum based on Indian CBSE, about 80% of the topics also overlap with the US Common Core and British National Curriculum at the grade level, others would be offset by a grade up or down.
All these topics are covered in the program conceptually followed by practice.