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Cuemath provides a well-rounded math program that tackles all the problems faced by kids while learning geometry. Cuemath's live online classes with personalized tutors help students master Math through application based learning.

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Application Based Learning for Geometry
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Cuemath follows an active learning philosophy where our students actively figure out Geometry concepts with the help of live tutors. Students are trained on a calibrated sequence of problems. Unlike other online classes, where students are passively attending lectures, watching videos, or reading about the topic, our Geometry tutoring is personalized & application based.

Cuemath’s active learning approach to Geometry improves critical thinking, increases retention, sparks creative thinking and encourages risk-taking among kids.

Students tend to learn faster & remember better immediate feedback is provided to them. At every step of learning Geometry, Cuemath tutors provide instant feedback during live classes to students.

Prompt information provided to students during live classes can help deepen their understanding of the concepts. Students will be able to recognize their mistakes, develop their own strategies and logis to understand how to tackle future problems.

Here’s an example where the student is asked to recognize the sides and vertices of a polygon:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the curriculum that is followed for Cuemath's Geometry tuitions and how will parents know if its matching with what child will be studying in school.
We offer tutoring service that follows the standard US Common Core (USCC) curriculum. The curriculum is in alignment with the curriculum of the child and the flexibility that we offer on the curriculum helps us cater to the difference of curriculum followed in all states and provinces.
Cuemath's teaching methodology ?
We use Cueing techniques to teach our students. Cue-ing is the process of asking questions to guide the student to self discovery. When the student self discovers the answers they understand better and remember for longer. This is very different from the broadcast learning method in which a teacher delivers lectures.
Are Cuemath's Geometry tutors from the USA or India ?
Our geometry tutors are from India, who trained and certified by CueMath to be able to teach the students across a variety of curriculums.
Our Geometry tutoring services offer what kind of Packages and deliverables?
3months, 6 months and 10 months
The syllabus in India is totally different from US/Canada, How do your Geometry tutors manage the same, Also even the syllabus is different in different states in USA
We are aware that the syllabus and the methods are different in North America. To cater the same our teachers undergo a training and certification process which helps us in maintaining the high quality of Class delivery.