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While Other Kids Will Learn How To Use A Calculator, Your Child Will Create It
Block based coding is a great first step to get your child familiar with Coding. They start by building simple games and applications to familiarize themselves with if else statements, conditional logic.
Why > What
Your child will seek to understand the why, not be satisfied, with just the what.
Create > Use
Your child will create their own stuff - apps, games, websites - not just passively use them.
Data > Opinion
Your child will use data to arrive at a decision. Will question uninformed opinion with confidence.
Optimal > Perfect
Your child will make optimal decisions, be comfortable with trade-offs, rather than pursuing a perfect decision.

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Advanced Program - Grade 7 and 8
Track 1
Game Development - Python - Basic
40 hours

You'll learn:
Loops , Functions , Conditional statements , Turtle Graphics

You'll Build:
Rock, Paper, Scissor Game
Game Development - Python - Advanced
40 hours

You'll learn:
Modules , Dictionaries , Files & classes , Function arguments

You'll Build:
Cipher and AI simulation
Track 2
Web Developmet - HTML and CSS
40 hours

You'll learn:
Lists, tables & forms, Divs & backgrounds, Styling through CSS, Blocks & Inlines,

You'll Build:
My Family’s Website
Web Development - JavaScript
40 hours

You'll learn:
Data types , Operators , Boolean logic , Switch statements

You'll Build:
Portfolio website
Track 3
AP Computer Science A - Part 1
40 hours

You'll learn:
Primitive types , Objects , Boolean , expressions , Iteration

You'll Build:
Chatbot program
AP Computer Science A - Part 2
40 hours

You'll learn:
Writing classes , Arrays , Inheritance , Recursion

You'll Build:
Chance Card Game
*For students already fully proficient with block-based Coding Option to start with Python Level 1 directly for grades 5+

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should kids learn python?
Python is Beginner Friendly. It is unique in that it’s easy to understand.
Kids Won’t Outgrow Python. - Python, powers the world’s second-largest search engine: YouTube. Scientists use Python to work with large data sets. Software engineers build neural networks and other forms of artificial intelligence with this versatile language.
What grade is python for?
Python is for Grade 5 & above. You do not need any prior experience in the field of coding to take part in our online python coding programs.
Do I need to download or install anything for python sessions?
Python sessions are completely web-based, meaning there is no need to download anything prior.
Is Python difficult to learrn?
To keep things simple, no Python is not difficult to learn. With a little patience and time Python learning shouldn’t be difficult at all. That combined with our python programming course getting a hold of the language is as easy using the application created with python!
How many hours a week should I practice python for?
Obviously the more you practice python the better at it you will get. But in a general case, along with our python programming course another 2-3 hours a week should suffice.
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Python Programming for 15 Year Olds

You may be wondering why coding for 15 year olds has suddenly become important, especially in Python. Python is the bread and butter for any coder. Almost all applications, websites, games use python-based code. It is user friendly and a must-have skill for a top coder. Python coding finds applications all over the field. It is used as a basic development language to start coding in. But it also serves as a high level programming language, that allows you to focus on core functionality of the application by taking care of common programming tasks. Python as a programming language is multifaceted and helps build one’s core and set a strong foundation for any coder. It works on your child’s creativity, decision-making skills, communication, and even adds to their analytical skills.
Learning Python sets you up in a good position if you aspire to be a coder in the future. A base in python can never be a bad decision and will always hold up even in the grand scheme of things

Coding for 14 Year Olds

Kids after class 7 develop a unique mindset of learning. Cuemath has created a fun and educational game-based environment where kids learn to code without any prior experience. After completing Cuemath’s coding courses, kids will be able to navigate through the programming world with a sense of confidence and accomplishment. Our instructor-led personalized online courses are made to help the child with the space to ask questions openly. Our tracks & levels incorporate 40 hours of learning. We conduct 2 hours of classes a week for every child.
Cuemath’s courses not only give your child a look into the vast world of coding for kids, but also puts your kids ahead when compared to their peers!