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The only well-rounded math program that tackles all the problems faced by your child

K-6 is a formative phase, where the foundation needs to be strongly built. Unfortunately, most children do not get the right exposure, guidance and support to build a strong base and leap ahead.

The Cuemath Foundation Program addresses these gaps through our online program and helps students build a strong math foundation.

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Focus on Memorisation/Rote-Learning

  • Learning in formative years should be visual; not drill based

  • An understanding of the concept ensures long lasting retention

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Focus on ‘Why’ over ‘What’

  • The need for the concept is brought out instead of merely presenting yet another math topic.

  • Simulations and visuals help explain a concept.

  • Mental math becomes easy to do once the concept is understood and solving strategies can be formed.

Passive Learning

  • Children need to learn actively by doing, not by seeing a teacher do it or watching a video.

  • Passive learning provides limited information about student learning, and results in surface processing instead of deep learning.

Active Learning

  • Research suggests active learning improves critical thinking, increases retention, sparks creative thinking and encourages risk taking.

  • Your child discovers new things as they go ahead, creating many ‘Aha’ moments for themselves along their journey, through carefully calibrated questions.

No 1:1 attention

  • 1:1 attention ensures that the child is helped and guided at the exact time that it is required.

  • Timely intervention ensures that misconceptions are nipped in the bud.

Personalized Attention

  • The teacher is constantly monitoring your child.

  • She intervenes to rectify errors.

  • Your child can ask for help at any point during the session for instant support.

Lack of practice

  • Understanding a concept and practicing it go hand in hand.

  • A true indicator of understanding is being able to apply it in various contexts, for which adequate practice is the precursor.

Practice and Homework

  • Your child does approximately 100 practice problems in every concept.

  • Every concept has word problems that focus on application, and help improve language comprehension.

Explore our curriculum

Take a brief look at how we teach each of the major concepts in the formative years of the student.


The concept of Multiplication is introduced through an already familiar concept– addition.

Children see a simpler way of writing a number that is repeatedly added.

After the concept is introduced, the notation is brought in as a way of simplifying writing.

This is followed by more visuals, that explain grouping and counting, eventually moving to the dot array to better interpret multiplication.

Once the need for multiplication tables is built, the child moves to practicing multiplication problems and eventually to contextual and application problems.

Redefining The Way Math Is Taught With Our Specialised Online Math Course

Many children suffer from Math anxiety worldwide and the number keeps increasing with each passing day. It is because of the fact that most of them are not aware of its fascinating aspect which can be achieved while learning through an online Math course. Initially, Math may seem intimidating, but if teachers are skilled enough, it is easy to change their outlook towards it completely and help them fall in love with it.

In these competitive times, children feel burdened with the constant pressure of having to score good grades in their academics and be an all-rounder. But what is more important is that they need to develop a genuine interest in a subject if they wish to perform well in it. Just blindly memorizing a topic without its proper knowledge will not yield any long-term benefits and cause children to become more like robots.

This is what we would like to change and hence, Cuemath’s specially-designed online Math course will cater to all the unique requirements of children in the United States of America. Give them an opportunity to enjoy by letting them learn Math online and encourage them to explore the subject beyond the confines of a classroom. These are the things that define us and our motto of making students great at Math:

  • Emphasis On Logic Through Our Online Math Course

    One of the most important things that schools often tend to miss out on is to teach children the importance of applying logic. This broadens their mindset and motivates them to understand the reason behind the existence of these topics. Your child will be able to improve only when he/she starts to dive deep into the subject and think out of the box. This will not only help him/her in Math but also in his/her life in general. 
  • Learn Math Online And Get Undivided Attention

    Unlike schools, where the broadcast method of teaching is followed, we provide children with personalised learning where they can communicate with the teacher freely. Since the student-teacher ratio is lower, the entire process of learning Math becomes smoother and children receive the relevant assistance. So, at Cuemath, your child will never have to feel left out and our dedicated online tutor will put in every effort to fulfil all his/her requirements efficiently.
  • Study Online And Enjoy Self-Paced Learning

    Here, we enable children to develop their own understanding of Math by letting them grasp the topics as per their convenience. Self-paced learning is what we follow as it helps them to get clarity of the topics depending on their own mental capabilities. Since they are not pressurised into learning everything at once, they start showing the confidence to travel through the world of Math independently.

  • Regular and Thorough Assessment of Skills

    After completing each topic, children are made to practice relevant questions to check how much they have been able to grasp. These questions are mainly based on the application of the Math concepts, hence it is much more impactful than the kind of questions that focus more on the theoretical knowledge of the lessons. Once your child gets into the habit of practising regularly, he/she will automatically become more skilled in the subject and slowly overcome its fear.

Providing children with a platform where they can study online is not our only aspiration, but through it, we want to ensure that they have a bright and stable future ahead.

Our curriculum covers all the necessary concepts that are taught in the formative years such as Multiplication, Integers, and so on. Our teaching methods are flexible and highly beneficial for children of all ages. We let them progress at their own pace and introduce them to a completely new world of Math.

So, we request you to let your child become a Math expert in a fun-filled and enjoyable way under our guidance.