Kumon's drill-based, learn-by-rote method to build confidence just didn't work for Janya. At Cuemath, her individual coach engages her to understand and apply math concepts in challenging application- based questions. The coach monitors and reviews each unit covered and enforces mastery through constant encouragement and periodic testing - not drilling to boredom. Performance discussions are honest with a clear focus on learning outcomes and progress.
- Deepti
, Mother of Janya (Grade 4) | NewYork - United States
The state education system is so fraught with issues in terms of curriculum, delivery method and long term application of math that I felt it necessary to give my daughter a better option. Enter Cuemath - an online class with numerous application-based word problems, simulations for concepts and loads of practice and homework. Richa loves her Cuemath classes and it has started reflecting in her grades too.
- Aarti
, Mother of Richa (Grade 3) | California - United States
Initially, I was sort of disappointed with Cuemath. My son, Aarav, showed some resistance and we just weren't seeing any improvement. We were close to switching when after the first parent-teacher meeting, we got a glimpse of the gaps and his potential. Aarav could see the path to his improvement and now there's no looking back. It's heartening to see Aarav enjoy math now after years of struggling with it. Thank you, Cuemath.
- Ankur
, Father of Aarav (Grade 6) | Texas - United States
After seeing our son struggle at school and after-school programmes, we came to the conclusion that math was just not for him. He was slipping further behind and his self-esteem was bad enough for him to avoid school. After a few months of Cuemath, his improvement was just dramatic. He has surpassed everyone's expectations and all it took was this teacher's encouragement, practice and a learning method that helped him understand concepts clearly.
- Sridhar
, Father of Sandeep (Grade 5) | New Jersey - United States
Ria has always been ahead in math. She was starting to get bored in school and I had to find a way to continuously challenge her. My friend told me about Cuemath and so we tried it out. I was sceptical at first since I thought she already knew a lot for her grade. But now I can see the overall improvement in her mental aptitude. Cuemath has helped Ria prepare confidently for the Olympiad and also put her on the path to acing her SATs.
- Tanisha
, Mother of Ria (Grade 6) | Illinois - United States