Before Cuemath I found it difficult to solve the difficult questions and move levels. It took the guidance and motivation of my Cuemath tutor to make math more interesting and see how concepts could be applied in word problems. Last year I cracked the International Math Olympiad and got the first rank in my school. I can't wait to take part in other competitive exams and crack them.
- Rishab
, (Grade 6) | New Mexico - United States
I used to love math. In order to get better at it, I decided to supplement my learning with Kumon. The constant drills and the learn-by-rote method made me extremely bored of the subject. After my grades suffered, I decided to switch to Cuemath and the experience was just fantastic. I could visualise concepts, solve word problems and apply math in almost any scenario. The constant encouragement from my Cuemath tutor keeps me going.
- Pratik
, (Grade 4) | Louisiana - United States
My Cuemath tutor makes math so much fun for me. She explains every topic clearly and answers all my doubts in class immediately. I get to learn new concepts in class in a visual manner which makes it so much easier for me to understand. I enjoy learning math now and I only have my Cuemath tutor to thank for it.
- Arushi
, (Grade 2) | Georgia - United States
I was never really good at math and would just guess my way through most questions. My friends were the same and we would be asking each other about the correct answers after a test. After Cuemath, I became the person everyone asked and it felt good to think that I was the one that knew the answer. Math is now my favourite subject.
- Carol
, (Grade 3) | Washington - United States
Learning with Cuemath is so much more interesting because my tutor is always available for me in class. My Cuemath tutor challenges me to solve interesting, application-based problems that are not covered in school. Solving them makes me confident to tackle any exam and math is no longer the dreadful subject that it used to be for me.
- Nikhil
, (Grade 5) | Florida - United States