The most effective math learning experience for your child

The Cuemath curriculum places a strong emphasis on learning math by reasoning and helping children understand the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’. With this, they learn better and faster.
Individualised Learning
When children clear their doubts instantly, they understand concepts better and learn faster. Our classroom size of 6:1 ensures adequate individual attention.
Marks and More
Students excel at school and competitive tests like Math Olympiads as they regularly solve reasoning puzzles and practice newer questions, enabling them to answer questions even outside of textbooks.
Cuemath Method
As the name suggests, our math experts are trained to cue the students to arrive at an answer rather than giving them out upfront. We focus on building mathematical thinking.
Build Speed & Accuracy
Our workbooks and tab exercises are designed to have spaced repetitions of concepts to help children build their speed and accuracy and increase retention.

Learn using the Cuemath method

The Cuemath method helps children learn by reasoning and understanding the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of math concepts. Our tab exercises help children build skills like visual reasoning and increase retention of concepts. Children see a 2X increase in their logical reasoning ability with our puzzle cards which help them think of multiple solutions to a single problem.

With just 3 hours a week, Cuemath students develop a strong conceptual knowledge, mental ability and logical reasoning through our 3 pronged curriculum.
At Cuemath, children learn math through:
180+ Specially designed Workbooks to strengthen math concepts
15+ Math manipulatives to visualise math concepts better
500+ intriguing puzzle cards to build logical reasoning skills
150+ fun tab-based math activities to increase speed and accuracy
9 out of 10 IITians credit their success to early math proficiency

As per a study conducted by University of California and University of Missouri, early math (KG-6) proficiency is the best predictor of future academic success.

In math, everything is connected. One missing link and the foundation weakens. If the aversion towards math is not addressed at early stages, in later years it leads to problems like math anxiety. Conversely, a strong foundation in math paves the way for future academic successes.

Cuemath students excel in math at school and beyond
3 out of 4 Cuemath students bagged the top ranks in International Math Olympiad

9 out of 10 Cuemath students show improvement in school math exams

2x increase in logical reasoning skills

9 out of 10 students are confident in attempting questions outside their school textbooks


Frequently Asked Questions

Cuemath’s learning methodology is different from that of schools. Will there be a conflict? Will my child end up confused?
At Cuemath, children learn the same topics covered in schools. The difference, however, is that in most schools, concepts (such as fractions) may have pictorial representations, but the delivery is inefficient. School teachers focus on the technicalities of a concept through rote learning, which impacts the child's learning curve in the long run. In contrast, Cuemath helps your child understand the WHY behind the WHAT of each math concept. Children get exposed to the concrete and pictorial aspects of a concept first before moving to abstract exercises. Therefore, they learn math by reasoning which builds a strong math foundation. As a result, math becomes intuitive to them.
My child makes a lot of silly mistakes and has difficulty concentrating. How will Cuemath help my child?
My child is already doing quite well at school. Why do they need an additional intervention?
Isn’t my child too young to enrol in this program?
How will Cuemath cover the curriculum of different boards?

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Run a home-based Cuemath centre and teach math to KG to 8th class kids. Our tech-enabled learning material is delivered at your doorstep.

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