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Grade 1 begins with applying the tools and concepts learned in Kindergarten. Here children learn to work with bigger numbers and will be introduced to more advanced concepts like multiplication, division and geometry. Addition and subtraction becomes more complex. It is important for the child to be aware of how these computational methods are interrelated and how they can be applied for different scenarios.

First grade or class 1 is the first time that a child will be using the resources learned in the previous grade to explore concepts that might otherwise seem strange and unrelated. So it is very  important that the child is properly guided through this process. The teacher should make sure that the child understands the way new concepts are derived from existing ones and the steps involved in this transition.

These are the topics that will be covered in Grade 1 math. The Cuemath program brings in very talented teachers who are committed to making sure your child develops strong logical and analytical skills that can be applied towards all walks of life.

Worksheets are an integral part of the Cuemath program. Math Worksheets for Grade 1 prepare children for different scenarios and helps develop their analytical skills. Worksheet for class 1 cover all the relevant topics including Numbers and Place values, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Mensuration, time and money.