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In Grade 2 math students will start working with 3 digit numbers. The program will build on the concepts introduced in Grade 1 math and expand it to develop a more in depth knowledge in the child. Odd and even numbers will make their first appearance here.

Geometry becomes more complex and concepts like length, weight and capacity will be introduced. Proper Visualization is required to ensure the child follows the logic behind these concepts. With Cuemath, students will get to learn with the unique tools that has been developed to facilitate an effective teaching and learning experience.

These are the topics that will be covered in Grade 2 math. The Cuemath program brings in very talented teachers who are committed to making sure your child develops strong logical and analytical skills that can be applied towards all walks of life.

Grade 2 math worksheets help children understand concepts better and apply them. Number and place value along with the basics of multiplication and division are just some of the concepts solidified at this stage. In addition to sufficient practise, 2nd grade math worksheets helps them develop a problem-solving mindset.